Filling in the Hole We Dug Ourselves Into

To recap, we decided to make part of our driveway into a lawn, but shortly after beginning the asphalt demo project we discovered that we needed a jackhammer. $50. Then we discovered that we needed someone to haul the demolished asphalt away. $200. Then we realized the topsoil leftover from the shed project was not going to be enough to fill our big hole.

After the guys with trucks left on Sunday we hit up our computers, searching for topsoil delivery near us. Just like hauling, topsoil prices varied widely. We didn’t end up choosing the least expensive option, rather we chose the company whose topsoil was a 50/50 mix of topsoil and organic compost. It was a smidget more expensive than the straight-up topsoil options, but we have big plans for a couple of extra cubic yards of nutrient rich topsoil so it was worth a few extra dollars.

The topsoil delivery truck arrived when I was at yoga. When I left for class our driveway was clear, when I came home our driveway was still clear, but the giant hole had a huge pile of dirt in it. IN the hole. The delivery guys backed up the driveway and dumped that topsoil right in the hole for us saving HOURS of work.

I can’t be sure, but I think S did a little victory dance. And if he didn’t, I certainly did. It literally took less than two hours to spread all the dirt with a shovel and a wheelbarrow into the big hole and across the walkway in our front yard.

Since the $230 price tag for topsoil was a bit out-of-budget to say the least, we were happy to make the best of the situation by taking two yards of the five yard delivery minimum to create two 4x8 raised garden beds so I can grow vegetables next summer.

I am so excited to have my own fresh tomatoes and beans, just like the farm in Maine!

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