Finishing up the Old Driveway

After we jackhammered out the top of our driveway the area went from looking like this, with the driveway under half of the new shed:

To this, with a lawn in front of the shed (a lawn that surprisingly grew in one week while I was away for work):
We both agree that the lawn is a huge improvement, but we still wanted more separation at the end of the driveway, both for a visual "end" to the driveway and to show Feeney his yard boundaries. So while I was working all week at a conference, S went over to his parents' weekend house and separated some of their dozens of tall grasses. We brought home about a dozen plants, so after planting a bunch at the top of the driveway (below), we decided to use them to soften some of the edges in the yard. Above, you can see the one clump that we planted at the edge of the shed, which ends up somewhat blocking the view of our grill.

The same grasses looking down the driveway (I really hope this is more to look at when the grass comes in and the tall grasses fill in):
 And finally, a grouping of three grasses where our faux retaining wall ends in the side yard:
We would have preferred to grow hedges along the top of the driveway, but settled on the (free) grasses since we really want something a little bit taller immediately, and want to make sure we know exactly what we want before spending any money. We might end up with a faster-growing hedge in the Spring, but we're going to see how the grasses grow on us first. We will definitely plant something along the base of the shed to hide its footings. Perhaps a fragrant boxwood, or an azalea since we're not too concerned with having a fast-growing hedge there, only something to cover the few inches of open space.

So there you have it, more yard work. Wait 'til you see what we did the next day....

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