Hiring Some Help

Once we realized we had our hands full, or rather our driveway full of debris from the great tear-up of 2010, we set to work finding someone to remove the big pile of asphalt and concrete for us. Our initial plans to throw a few shovelfuls into the trash each week was clearly not going to work after finding six times as much inert material than we expected.
Fast forward several hours and dozens of phone calls later and we had quotes ranging from $500 - $2,000 for haul-away services. Remember how this was supposed to be our cheapo-depot DIY driveway demo? No so much. On Sunday morning S had the brilliant idea to put a “gig offered” listing on Craig’s List and within minutes had a dozen offers, all in the $200 range. Not free, but not outrageous either when compared with the “professional” quotes.

We chose some guy who is an engineer during the day, but picks up side jobs with his son on the weekends. He arrived in a lightweight truck 30 minutes after we spoke. A lightweight truck, as in not a truck that could handle 3 cubic yards of asphalt. Apparently he couldn’t get a hold of his son so he called a “buddy with a truck” to help. It’s true, buddy with a truck had a serious truck, but holy cow did he have a mouth, and a loud one at that. At one point S and I looked at each other and said, “should we apologize to the neighbors now or later?”
An hour after their colorful work began the guys pulled away, truck bumpers scraping the ground.
After they left we swept down the driveway and went back inside to find someone to deliver topsoil to fill the hole we dug ourselves into.

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