Not-Orange Fall & Halloween Decorations

I was at Target the other day browsing the Halloween aisles while waiting for a prescription to be filled. I was just lamenting the fact that our house is so un-festive when I spotted the cutest wicker pumpkins in three different sizes. The shopping basket I was holding was no match for the primo Halloween/fall decorations, so I sped-walk to the front of the store and grabbed a cart as fast as I could.

I painstakingly picked out the best of each size, pleased with the find that would go so well with our wicker basket-filled living room. They're just the not-orange infusion of fall that we needed.
We have guests spending Halloween night with us, so we couldn't let the house go undecorated. This little fall addition, plus a big bowl of candy will make the day. Maybe this year we'll actually have some trick-or-treaters too.
What have you pulled out of storage or bought new this year for fall decor?

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  1. Hi Felicity!
    Orange is probably my least favorite color. I was at a pumpkin-painting event, and ended up just painting the whole thing white.
    I felt a little like the Red Queen in Alice and Wonderland, painting the roses red, but I'm okay with that.


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