Our Dinner/Door Bell

When we were in Maine earlier this year to pack up all our wedding gifts to ship to the beehive, we came across a business card for a handmade gifts shop in Portland, Maine. The gift shop happens to be across from our favorite bar, the bar where we met and is also our dog's namesake. So when we stopped by Bull Feeney's for lunch one afternoon, we decided to pop in the gift shop for a quick look around.

Nestled in the back of the store was the most amazing heart shaped, forged dinner bell. I immediately thought "door bell" when I saw the hanging display. How fortuitous that we had somehow broken our doorbell earlier during one of the big electrical re-wiring episodes. We purchased the bell and then somehow forgot about it, wrapped in its white tissue paper, as it got mixed up in the massive migration of stuff part two.

I discovered its neatly wrapped packaging when searching the basement shelves for an insulated coffee mug last week. It was such an exciting little surprise to find this when I unwrapped the tissue paper:
S happened to be working on another project on the front porch when I ran upstairs to show him what I found, proclaiming that we must hang it immediately. Thankfully, S likes an easy project with immediate satisfactory results, so he held the dinner/door bell in countless locations while I stood back and waited for it to hit the perfect spot.

We decided to hang it to the left of the front door to balance out the black metal mailbox to the right. Eventually I want to buy a house number plaque for above the mail box, which will mean even more going on to the right.
We haven't exactly had anyone ring our new dinner/door bell yet, but we love the way it looks, which really is all that matters after all.

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