Removing a Railing from our Front Walk

We've been tackling our yard projects with a vengeance this fall. S hasn't had many flights so we've had plenty of time at home to attack the to-do list. Last weekend while we were weeding I asked S to remove one of our two front railings. I'd love to remove both, but our walk gets icy in the winter so we need at least one until we have a replacement plan in place.

S protested a little bit, but I assured him it really couldn't be that hard. And a few well placed, "they're SO ugly!" exclamations had him convinced in no time. We started by digging through the new shed to find a shovel. Seriously, it's not organized yet. Talk about irksome.

We decided to keep the railing on the right, since we're both right handed along with the majority of the US population. To remove the left hand railing, S started by digging around the concrete footings.
Then with just a few good shoves we had the whole railing loose and ready to be pulled out of the ground. Less than 10 minute improvement!
We moved it to the side yard for now since we're pretty sure the trash guys won't take it (it's really heavy). I think I'll list it on Craig's List just to see if we can find someone to take it off our hands. I think it might look ok with the scroll work cut off and maybe a coat of black paint. Which, by the way, is the latest addition to the to-do list for the remaining railing.

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