Spiffing up the Side Entry

While S spread topsoil I tackled another long-time to-do list entry: painting the green metal awning hanging over our kitchen door.  The people who originally owned our house loved green, as you may recall from when we installed our kitchen lights and discovered the green ceiling. Their love for green wasn’t limited to the inside of the house, it was outside too, prominently on the side entry awning and kitchen vent cover.

Hunter green happens to be one of my two least favorite colors, right up there with maroon/burgundy. Give me a kelly green scarf any day, but my eyes say no to hunter green in anything but in a woodsy cabin.
As our to-do list on the sidebar states, I have visions of a black awning and black shutters on the beehive. So during a recent Depot excursion I asked one of the paint ladies which brand she recommended for painting both metal (awning) and plastic (shutters). She handed me a can of rustoleum  with a black semi-gloss finish.

I decided to tackle the awning first, since I think we'll just buy new shutters. I prepped the surface by first scraping any loose paint and then by scrubbing with Simple Green cleaner and a stiff bristled OXO scrub brush.  I rinsed with the garden hose, making sure to remove all the cleaner. Then after a few hours of drying in the sun, I lay down my drop cloth and climbed up on the ladder with my can of black paint and my trusty 2” angle brush (the second I’ve owned since living here because I wore out the first with the first few dozen paint jobs at the hive).

In no time I went from this:
To this:
While I was on the ladder I painted the vent for the kitchen fan. And since I had the black paint out, I gave a fresh coat to the nailed-shut milk delivery door and the ugly railing. The paint is holding up quite nicely and covered the few rusty and bubbly spot well. The whole area looks much better now despite the fact that we still have dozens of wires running to nowhere all over the side of the house. Perhaps I should add cutting those away to the to-do list too. Projects completed = 1, project added = 1.

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