Swapping out Grasses for Arborvitae

The day we blogged about the grasses that we planted at the top of our driveway S and I happened to park next to a parking lot forest of arborvitae at the Home Depot. We weren't completely sure that we wanted to transplant the grasses so soon after planting them, but the arborvitae were so green and lush and tall and just calling out to us. Plus, they weren't nearly as expensive as we thought they would be...so we took three home.

I know, I know, it's kind of a waste of time to have planted those tall grasses only to immediately transplant them again. It's like that time when S dug and leveled a spot for the shed, and then leveled another area when I changed my mind. At least this change of plans didn't involve nearly as much digging.
Plus, we had planned on transplanting more tall grasses for other areas of the yard, so we did put the grasses to good use. The new arborvitae give us a little more privacy in our new yard and blocking the view to the street means that once all our new grass grows in, Feeney won't be able to see other dogs walking by and feel compelled to run up to them in greeting (or growling).
I'm pleased with the way they look and once the new grass comes in the whole yard should look much better. From what we've read online arborvitae do require a lot of water during their first year, which is fine right now since the new grass is getting a daily watering. We'll just have to figure out a soaker hose arrangement next summer, if we have the kind of heat we had this year. They're supposed to be fairly fast growing; we're hoping that means they grow to touch soon, at least before we have to move again. Fingers crossed that we have a nice lawn and nice trees after all this fall's work.

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