BIG Exterior Changes!

While everyone else was inside roasting their birds, S and I were hard at work making the final preparations for my parents' post-Thanksgiving visit. We've been away for several weekends, which means no power-cleaning-Saturdays so the dust was thick and floors were dirty. As I dusted, vacuumed, washed floors, bathrooms and sheets S was outside putting the finishing touches on our outdoor improvements projects: we swapped our blue shutters for black. Combined with the doors I painted black last week and we're completely changed the look of our little beehive. Ta-da!
And since we've been here for just two weeks shy of a year, here's what it looked like the day we closed:
Too bad we don't have a photo that shows the entire yard with the old shed too for the full effect. It was a cute house when we bought it, but holy cow have we made changes this year. Check out the "Tour the Beehive" tab above to check out some of our many renovations.

Now I'm off to brine our turkey and prepare the fixings for tomorrow's Thanksgiving #2!

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  1. I agree! I love the black shutters!
    Adding you to my reader now! (and love your sailbags :) )


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