Building a Fence Over Chain Link Remains

Last week you may have noticed a fence in one of the photos just next to our air conditioner. It's the same style of fence that encloses our side yards, but it wasn't part of our big fence project. However, it was made with the same materials. When the guys working on the fence left for the day we asked them to leave behind the leftover materials. After a few quick measurements and a lot of stacking and re-stacking to count just how much material was left behind, we realized we had enough 4' long fence pieces to replace the chain link fence surrounding our basement entrance.

The only problem with our plan was that all but one of the metal posts for the chain link fence were cemented into the ground and then paved over in a few places. If we removed the posts, we risked damaging the walls of the basement entry. So our solution was to use the metal posts for a wooden fence by building a wood facade around each of the posts.
From there we were able to attach top and bottom rails and a header, just like the fence surrounding the yard.
With the rails in place, we just used the nail gun to attach the leftover 4' fence pieces along the entire length of fence.
Disregarding the dirty mess in the photo below and you have the new basement surround, which is the view from the dining room window. Not too shabby when compared to rusted chain link.
The new fence blocks the view of our trash cans from the dining room, but since we live on a corner lot it didn't block the view from the street. No problem. We had exactly enough 4' pieces left to create a little section of fence sticking out from the far corner, ending at a new post that we dug into the ground.
Which all just perfectly conceals our little wood pile, our trashcans (when they're not at the street), and our general mess from our view and our neighbors' view. Our trash cans fit perfectly on the paver and brick patio that S built for them, which is great since the whole area is now filled in with nice green grass that we definitely don't want to crush with the giant rolling cans.
We completed the entire project for $0 using leftover materials that the fence company was going to take away, and nails for the nail gun that were left over from the shed project. We think it's a huge step-up from the chain link fence, and it's a pretty cool solution to the whole we-can't-remove-these-metal-posts dilemma.

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