Holiday Lights: Happy Start to the Holiday Season!

My parents were scheduled to show up on the day after Thanksgiving, a well calculated move by my dad to ensure two full Thanksgiving meals; one in Maine and one at our little beehive. Since technically the rest of the United States starts the Christmas season on the day after Thanksgiving, and I wasn't cooking our bird 'til Saturday and had a free day on my hands, I decided to decorate the house for Christmas on Thanksgiving.

Digging through our two big decorations boxes was like, well, like Christmas. I love this time of year. I took the fancy nutcrackers from Germany from S's office area and displayed them in the living room. I pulled out our small trees, one faux tree style and one made from birch bark chips. I put our birch bark moose on the mantle flanked by two trays of frosted votive holders saved from our wedding.
And then I put out my absolute favorite holiday decorations: candles in each of the windows. I had a huge supply of electric candles from a house I lived in during college that had a lot of windows, but we had to do a Black Friday Home Depot run for two more candles, some replacement bulbs and a bunch of extension cords. The Depot was hopping at 9:30 in the morning, but surprisingly calm for Black Friday.

When we got home from a long walk with Feeney through the neighborhoods this afternoon I finished putting lights in all our windows, including all eight sun room windows. Then my mom and I took a kitchen stool, the portable tripod and my camera outside and captured the festive look just after sunset.
We're so proud of how nicely our hard work is paying off. And we're really excited to be enjoying the holiday season this year fully settled in our house, without paintbrushes in our hands. Happy official start to the holiday season!

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  1. I really like the lights in the windows.
    A few years ago I was told that our house looked "spooky" because we had all the windows lit up.
    More like amytiville horror.

    But they didnt see the inside!
    Happy Holidays


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