After Christmas Sales

We scored a rocking faux Christmas tree on Sunday. It was marked down to 20% of its original price, which was super-fancy-tree high and totally out of our budget last week.

Score one for us! We bought the tree with money given to us as a Christmas gift from S's grandparents, thanks Ana and Grandpa!

I never had a faux tree growing up; even going to a tree farm
and not choosing a tree from our woods seemed like cheating. But the expense of a tree in the city plus the impracticality of buying a real tree and leaving a drying fire hazard in our house if we go away for the holidays tipped the scales in the direction of faux. If we ever move back to the woods then we'll opt for real, but for now we're psyched to have a faux that can pass for real, if you hold your nose and don't notice the missing fresh-tree scent.

Anyone else joining us and embracing the faux tree this year?

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