Changing the Dining Room Again!

We have a list of things to blog about that rivals a 10 year old's Christmas wish list. It's longer than my own wish list. We've been working like crazy and cooking up a storm around here. I'll play favorites with the list and tell you about a project that I absolutely love. I love all our projects equally, but this one is just a touch more exciting than usual.

A few weeks ago I blogged about a sale on West Elm's large rectangle capiz pendant, which just happens to be something I've coveted forever. And also just happens to be something we purchased the morning I blogged about it. Thanks, S.

S's involvement in project that involve electrical work stop at the electrical part. So after he took down the old fixture (which was new in our last house and will be wrapped up and stored for our next house since it fits the square-table configuration perfectly) and put up the new one. Since our old fixture and the horribly dated Goodwill donation it replaced were round and the new one is a rectangle some of the old green ceiling and round hole were no longer covered.
I marked the ceiling where the new fixture hung and then proceeded to fill in the open space with some joint compound. As I've mentioned before, I'm our resident painter and somehow anything to do with joint compound, sanding or scraping falls under the "painting" category around here. After letting it dry for several hours, I sanded with the rough side of a barely damp sponge to cut down on sanding dust and then applied a second coat of joint compound to fill the deeper holes that couldn't be filled with one coat. After sponge sanding the second coat I pulled out our pale blue ceiling paint and touched up the newly filled area. Then we hung the lamp.

This pendant is my first foray into the world of capiz so when we opened the box to find hundreds of pieces of blue tape wrapped around folded plastic bags, I was kind of shocked.
It took several hours to carefully unwrap each little string of shells after S hung the fixture. I assure you that the unwrapping part took significantly longer than the two minutes of electrical work and probably longer than all my prep work. Look at all those baggies and blue tape!
But the end result is sooooo worth the effort and makes a huge difference in the feel of the room, not to mention the light output since we've gone from one to three bulbs. To really show off how sophisticated the whole area is now I set out our Thanksgiving table early to show off to holiday guests.
The new pendant fits the whole room and the rectangle table so well and the little shells are so pretty. I love, love, love it. Thank you West Elm for the sale, thank you to the person who wrapped each of those shells so they arrived at our beehive so perfectly intact and thank you S for agreeing to purchase another dining light just a few short years after my last dining light obsession.

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  1. I LOVE that fixture! SO PRETTY! I have wanted one for a while now.


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