Stocking Excuses

I admit it, the blogging has been a little light lately. But it was for good reason; since Thanksgiving I have been feverishly working on a Christmas stocking for S to match the one my nana made me for my first Christmas. Knitting it consumed all my free sitting-around time when I otherwise would have blogged. And the good news is I finished it at 9:35pm Christmas eve, just in time to stuff it with gifts from Santa.

I'll embroider his name around the top in time for next Christmas so it matches the other five old-time stockings.

Do you have a collection of hand knit stockings for your family?

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  1. I have a stocking knit by my grandmother, with my name across the top in fair-isle (intarsia? I never use either so I'm not sure which is a subset of which...). Stu actually has a remarkably similar one, made by his mother.

    My mom makes beautiful stockings, sewn out of upholstery fabric. They're really gorgeous, but they
    a) don't have the nostalgia of the primary-color, pixilated-snowman knitted versions, and
    b) don't stretch. ;)

  2. I have a homemade knit stocking given to me when I was born. It has my name on the top and a 3D snowman with broom. Scott complains that it is too small. Hence, I have an ancillary store-bought stocking, and BOTH of them are filled by Santa!


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