2010 in Projects

2010 flew by. August seems like yesterday and frankly, we still haven't unpacked everything from when we moved into the beehive a year ago. We've been busy.

In January we:
Pimped out the utility section of our basement to maximize storage
Sewed insulated drapes for the downstairs living areas
Insulated the sun porch
Changed and added light fixtures in several places
Painted, painted and painted
Replaced the bathroom medicine cabinet & light
Had a meltdown over closet storage

In February we:
Installed recessed lights in our kitchen
Contemplated the window situation
Spruced up our spice rack
Finished my first office
Hung faux wood blinds everywhere
Shoveled snow

In March we:
Replaced insulation that was damaged from a previously repaired leak
Had another moving truck at deliver more stuff
Insulated the sun room floor
Said goodbye to a friend at Arlington National Cemetery
Started to paint our ceilings a pale blue

In April we:
Ordered Jeld-Wen windows for our sun room
Started re-wiring the house
Painted more ceilings
Started to clean up the yard

In May we:
Installed windows!
Did more electrical work
Pimped out our toilet
Prepared to welcome a new dog
Updated our front porch
Painted the sun room
Painted the bathroom
Removed our old fences

In June we:
Prepped a site for the shed (twice)
Brought Feeney the teddy bear goldendoodle home
Had a fence installed
Built a faux retaining wall
Added a pendant light to the kitchen
Hung our wedding photos

In July we:
Built a shed!
Painted the guest room (again)
Revealed the sun room/office renovation

In August we:
Installed a new porch light
Revealed the guest room
Started to share recipes

In September we:
Jack-hammered up our driveway
Dealt with the fiasco created with the jack-hammer
Installed a screen door

In October we:
Started from scratch with our lawn
Buried our drainage
Spruced up the top of our driveway
Hung a new doorbell
Bought a new Big Rig, perfect for Home Depot runs
Painted the side awning black

In November we:
Decorated for the holidays, early
Hung new shutters
Painted the exterior doors black
Weatherstripped the doors
Built a wooden fence over chain link posts

In December we:
Celebrated and reflected
Crossed over to the faux side
Installed a new basement door
Put heat in the office
Fixed a rotten roof
Got some new tools
Bought & installed a fancy new dining room light

It feels good to look over this list as a ta-done instead of a to-do. Looking at it this way shows us just how much work we did this year and makes me realize that the year didn't just disappear somewhere. We did what we could and are getting over what we couldn't and what was out of our control; it just gives us more for our 2011 goals. Now we're gearing up for our 2011 projects list and crossing our fingers and toes that moving away from the beehive isn't on that list.

Are you feeling pretty good about your accomplishments in 2010?

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