The Elephant in the {Dog} Room?

A what room? When I cleaned out the storage cubbies and all their contents from the little room upstairs to create the sewing nook downstairs, we essentially left the little room empty. Sure the reading chair and a chest are still in there, and the built-ins are still full of baskets and books, but we've decided that perhaps it's time to give the little room a makeover.
Technically we call the little room a reading room, but in reality it's Feeney's room. Yes, the dog's room. He's got some separation issues so we have to confine him to a single room whenever we leave him alone. Plus he kind of sleeps in there at night, wrapped up in his blanket. He's pampered. We're not sure how long we're going to live in this house so I want to keep the room neutral, but it has to be a little fun and playful too since it is our dog's room.

For design ideas, I'm starting with two swatches of fabric, one Amy Butler pattern that's a blueish teal with gray dots that I fell in love with when I saw a pair of pajama pants made from it hanging from the ceiling at the hardware/fabric/appliance shop in Pensacola.  The second is light blue with sand colored elephants. I have a little collection of elephants and the built-in shelves are the perfect place to display them, so I'm thinking maybe an elephant pillow or two on the reading chair, maybe polka dots curtains. We'll see.

For starters I'd like to paint the inside of the closet. It's currently a dingy, dirty flat white that doesn't make the tiny little space any more inviting. I'd like to do something a little bold and in the interest of saving a few dollars, use the same color on the wall behind the built-in bookshelves, which I didn't bother to paint when I painted the room gray last year. I'm thinking of lining the wall behind the shelves with the elephant print, but I'm not sure since we'd have to leave it behind for a renter if we have to move in the next year and let's face it, elephants aren't neutral.
So the other night while we were at the Depot I picked up a couple dozen paint swatches in blues and greens from Martha, Behr and Glidden. I'm a Benjamin Moore fanatic, but even a total Aura fan knows a budget paint is in order when it comes to painting the inside of a closet. I lined up the swatches on our Ikea Poang reading chair, draped the light blue Patagonia fleece blanket we use in the room (our blanket, not Feeney's blanket) over the back of the chair and pulled out the Amy Butler sample.
I'm leaning toward the center color and the ones to its left and right. The deciding factor will be what looks best with the elephant fabric, which should be delivered sometime this week. Here's a sample of the two fabrics from fabric.com:
Maybe the Feens will even get a new elephant slipcover for his bed, ya know to tie it all together. Um, I'm sure I can find something far more productive to do with my time, I'll move that one down a little way on the to-do list in the interest of actually getting the painting a few of the other projects on our list finished.

If all works out as planned I'll pull out my painting overalls this weekend and by Monday hopefully we'll be on our way to an updated little dog room. It's just such a shame Feeney can't see color.

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  1. Hey there! Thanks for the comment on my blog! I looovee your design choices here. Before you even said you were leaning towards the paint color in the center, I had mentally thought, "I hope she goes with the blue swatch in the middle." SCORE.

    And yes, in regards to your comments, medical training takes forever and is not for the faint of heart. I haven't responded to my "player" friend about our date (because I was annoyed). He'd better get with the program if he wants me to spend my precious little free time with him!

  2. Hi,
    I like this way to patch the wall.
    Camron Sareja


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