Friday Feature: New Art from Made by Girl

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I've been stalking Made by Girl prints since I moved into my new office last summer. I asked for one of her prints for Christmas, and it just happens to be the only thing on my list that I didn't get. So when I saw that she was running an after Christmas sale I snatched up the coveted print for myself.

Several of Jen's prints come in 8x10 sizes, but I chose 16x20 for my print since I intend to hang it on the wide expanse of brick above my desk that I stare at all day long (which S refuses to let me paint) and I want to distract from the brick as much as possible. Before I even removed the print from its shipping tube I took a trip to Michael's where I was psyched to find nearly all the frames were 50% off. I chose a wide, dark brown, almost black frame to match the rest of the dark frames in our house and for maximum contrast with the white of the print.
I placed my print in the frame with the mat behind it, just in case I ever want to use the frame for another, smaller piece of art. I sandwiched everything back in place, attached the hanging clips and viola:
Truer words have never been spoken (or printed). I love the way the coffee cup has subtle shading that makes it pop ever so slightly. But most of all I love that this pretty much sums up all my days: I can't have too much coffee and I can't get enough of blogs.

Now we just need to take another trip to the Depot to replace the masonry bit we broke before I can hang it on the wall. I love you, blogs and coffee.

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  1. I love them!!! and the blog look is adorable!
    I think I'm going to go for a low sugar cake w/ little butter.. so I'll pass on the recipe for the wedding cake, but it totally sounds delicious! My kids are probably going to hate me.

  2. Nice :) Thank you for letting me know!


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