I'm Sew Excited About this Room!

I'm super excited to show you my new sewing nook. Sew excited. Such a dork. As you may recall I kept all my fabric, sewing and craft supplies in the armoire in our guest room, which was supposed to be a temporary storage area.
We bought the armoire a year ago when I had an absolute melt-down over how tiny our closets are, despite our maximizing the use of space within them. But the armoire became craft storage one day in our fast and furious attempt to unpack a huge shipment of my stuff (when we moved here we moved from two locations) before guests arrived a week later.

And there it sat until this weekend when prompted by the fabulous sewing machine S gave me for Christmas, we created a proper sewing and crafting area for me in our den. I've dreamed of a room like this since I was wee, very wee.

S started by going through every single box in the utility side of our basement to identify any and all crafting supplies stored in there. Meanwhile I systematically removed every single storage bin and basket and all of their contents from the little room (Feeney's room) upstairs, which used to be my office. I threw away 50% of what I found (did I really need to save every single used shipping box to reuse for sail bag orders?) and brought everything else to its proper homes (toner cartridges to the new office, for example). I then took the four storage cubes stacked in the closet of the little room and stacked them two high and two wide on my sewing table in the den. (Disregard the jacked-up window, we have replacements just waiting to be installed as soon as we have a stretch of warmer weather.)
S helped me carry all my fabric downstairs where I refolded every piece to fit into the open cubbies. The lower right cubbie holds the napkins we made for our wedding, which I intend to make into a quilt for my room in Maine someday, just as soon as I get over the fact that I'll be cutting up napkins that took forever for us to sew.
Everyone needs a dead animal skull on the wall of their sewing nook, no?  Keep in mind, this was supposed to be S's man cave, but he never used it so he's relinquished his rights.

I wanted to leave a couple of cubbies open in the center for baskets, so we stacked two additional cubbies under the desk where I organized a few of my in-progress sewing projects. Then I took twenty of the glass jars that we had used for vases at our wedding reception and filled them with all sorts of sewing notions and threads that had previously resided in a perpetually disorganized tackle box and in the bottom of a sewing machine case. I stacked the glass containers with all their little notions along the top of the cubbies.
It's exactly the re-purpose vision I had when I bought 40 of the glass jars at World Market for our wedding: wrapped with a blue ribbon held on by a monogrammed sticker for the wedding, filled with thread afterward.
(I could eat our wedding photos I love them so much. Photos by Geneve Hoffman.)

I just wish I had some vision for what to do with the 244 frosted votives sitting in the in-law's garage....

Once I had all the sewing stuff organized we moved on to knitting, embroidery and paper-craft supplies. Since the space around the sewing table was full, we turned to the two smaller bookcases in the room. We put the smaller of the two on the small wall to the right of the sewing table and just to the left of the TV. I placed several now-well-organized storage cubes on its shelves and broke up the space with my bursting-at-the-seams knitting pattern binder on one shelf and with four books that I made years ago when I was into book binding.
I like how the green of my knitting notions box matches the green of the "Lobsters love Guinness" artwork. I'm on the hunt for a replacement mat for the frame that matches the green trim of the metal sign, if you have any mat source suggestions.

And since we were all into rearranging the room, S helped me move the bookcase that used to be along the wall opposite the sewing table and perpendicular to the futon that you can see below, over next to the sewing table. And when I suggested we move his old JVC stereo, which was jammed next to the little red chest we use for a TV table, to the Goodwill pile, S suggested I hook it up and use an axillary plug to listen to my iPod while I sew. Genius. So he set up the stereo for me while I put the finishing touches on a few baskets in the newly positioned shelf to hold embroidery and jewelry making supplies.
For a finishing touch on my sewing desk I grabbed our new Le Creuset utensil holder for my scissors, which is a totally loved, belated wedding gift that arrived a week or two ago. What's not love about coming home to find a completely unexpected wedding gift at your door? But then to find gift cards and a little cobalt blue beauty inside? I don't think I can ever gift just a gift card again. The little extra totally made my day and it's perfect for this space. Had it not been a belated gift then it may have been used somewhere not as perfect. Timing really is everything.

S is still working on organizing his office corner of the room so we're not quite ready to reveal the whole room. But he did watch several recorded episodes of Jersey Shore down there today so I'm confident a full-room reveal is imminent. I also plan to move all my yarn from the drawers of the guest room armoire to the drawers of the red chest after we line them with some aromatic cedar. And perhaps I'll sew a few slipcovers for the bookcases so we don't have everything out on display, afterall it is still a small space and looks cluttered quickly no matter how organized it may be.

Sew there it is; what do you think?

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  1. This all looks beautiful!! Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your really sweet comments. Learning to sew is on my list for 2011, and this room really motivates me to get going. Have a great week, Ali

  2. I do think the "Keep Calm and Sew On" print would look fab in your sewing nook! Although, the skull has its charm, too. :)

  3. I absolutely adore this room!! Great idea with the jars. I have tons of wedding stuff left over waiting for me to be creative with!!

    I must admit, I am jealous of your sewing room! My craft area is in my garage right now and I am in desperate need of a sewing station!

    Thanks SO SO MUCH for joining my linky party! We have the Sunday Blog Parade every sunday, so stop by, link up and spread the word!

    Lindsay@ A Design Story

  4. um this is amazing- i dont even know how to sew, but i want to learn, in this room! awesome job :)


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