More Info on the Homies Nominations

Apparently nominating a blog for a Homie award at Apartment Therapy is a little more involved than I thought. They're trying to make sure each nomination is legit so you have to log-in before placing a nomination in the comments section. NOMINATIONS MUST BE IN BY TUESDAY!
Head on over to Apartment Therapy and nominate Our Little Beehive.

Click on the Apartment Therapy link
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page
Click "sign in" if you have an A.T. account or click "register" if you don't
Register your email address and remember your password
Go to your email account and click on the "verify email address" link
Click back on the Apartment Therapy Homie nominations link
Scroll all the way to the bottom of the page again
Sign in with your new account - your email address and that password you're remembering
Type in the following in the comment box:
Name: Our Little Beehive
URL: http://www.ourlittlebeehive.com

Sit back and enjoy the good karma for doing a favor today.

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