Oh My Goodness - Please Vote for Us

I'm in shock. Absolute shock. We made it to the voting round for Apartment Therapy's 2011 Homies Award.

Please take a moment to vote for Our Little Beehive.
Super easy instructions this time:
Click the link above, scroll past the nominees' logos and click on the button to vote for Our Little Beehive, hit submit. 
If you don't have an Apartment Therapy account then follow these directions:
1. Scroll to the voting section, just past the nominees' logos
2. Click "sign in" if you have an A.T. account or click "register" if you don't
3. Register your email address and remember your password
4. Go to your email account and click on the "verify email address" link
5. Click back on the Apartment Therapy Homie nominations link
6. Scroll to the voting section, just past the nominees' logos
7. Sign in with your new account - your email address and that password you're remembering
8.  Vote for Our Little Beehive

We'll be running a sail bag giveaway in the coming days to show our thanks for your nominations.

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  1. Found your spot via Apartment Therapy......Charming!...you've got my vote..following now...k

  2. Thanks, ladies. We're just so excited and honored :)

  3. congrats!!!!

    lovely greetings

  4. I voted for you because I would love to taste aqua blue honey and the mix of house tips with food is just right. Nice blog!

  5. Followed the link here from Apartment Therapy. I started by going through your home tour. Before I had time to read deep into the archives, I saw the pic of your house from before you bought it and thought, "They have to live in Arlington. That's what our street signs look like." Lo and behold.

    Excited to find an Arlington blog! Good luck in the Homies!


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