On My Last Day of Vacation

Today, on the last day of my two week long vacation, I thought I would end things off with a nice run and an afternoon of more sewing. One step out the door with Feeney this morning revealed a driveway and road coated in a slick, thick layer of ice. So I scrapped the run and sewed all day.

I was at my parents' cabin where they have this great loft that's perfect for sneaking away but still being part of whatever is going on in the great room downstairs. The loft has two built-in bunkettes that my brother built, (he built the whole darn cabin at age 22, which is why I tend to think nothing at the beehive is too difficult for us to handle), which each have their own reading lamp, pillows and blankets.

(The right side of the room mirrors this one except there's a piano instead of a rocking chair.)

So I set up my project area in the loft and kept my mess out of the great room. Feeney joined me and spent the majority of his day resting his head on the banister (also turned and built by the bro) and looking at Lexi sleeping in front of the fireplace below.

Not a bad spot to spend the last day of vacation, no?

Last week I saw Heather Bailey's Ollie and Otis mini elephant pattern at Zfabric and had to have it. I love elephants and have little elephant collections at the beehive and in Maine so I'm a sucker for all things pachyderm. Plus, I'd only have to make 20 elephants to justify the $9 price tag for the pattern.

Since I only had one day of vacation left I settled on two elephant instead of 20. And I'm pretty glad I settled on two because the things were seriously involved. Not difficult, just involved. With lots of cutting and pinning and sewing very slowly.

But they're worth every second they took. A pair of pachy, go Jumbos.

Instead of taking the time to embroider their eyes and hand-sew shut the openings, I decided to tackle Bailey's turtle pattern too.

The turtles were less involved, but they didn't come out as perfectly. For some reason their bellies are too rounded and their feet don't touch the ground. Maybe they need to stop skipping runs too.

I think I just didn't follow the directions as closely, but something wasn't quite right. Oh well, they're still pretty cute.

All four animals are intended to be pin cushions; I think I'll just add the elephants to my collections. I may use the turtles as pin cushions when I give the sewing area downstairs a makeover. The first order of business is to replace the old basement window directly above my sewing table with the new one we ordered from the Home Depot. The makeover is an organization project I've wanted to tackle for a while now but have put off since the thought of undoing everything to get to the window seems too much. Perhaps I'll just have to figure our a way to make the whole area easy to move, or we could always move "replace basement windows" to the top of the list.

Perhaps a prioritizing of the to-do list is in order as we leave vacation behind and jump back into our projects, oh and back to work too.

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