Turquoise Wins Inside the Closet & Built-Ins

We left off the little room updating project with the new, funky pendant installed and a bunch of paint swatches still sitting, uneaten on the chair while I waited for the elephant fabric to arrive.
It tuns out that the elephant fabric is more blue like the fleece blanket draped over the chair, it almost matches exactly. I held everything to the swatches on the chair and narrowed my choices down to "true turquoise" and "periwinkle," which are the center swatch and the one just to its right, here:
I love periwinkle. Love it. But my love is a little too evident in this room since the blanket and the blue elephant fabric are both periwinkle and I wanted a little something to match the polka dot fabric, which still has no set purpose in the room, yet. So I went with my initial vision for the room and dove into turquoise. I was tempted to take it two shades lighter, but decided that since I was painting the inside of a closet and the back of a bookshelf I could afford to go bold.

So I took a trip over to the Depot after work on Friday and picked up a quart of Behr premium paint color matched to Glidden's True Turquoise. While I was waiting for my paint I spotted a paint sprayer on clearance for $49. I snatched that up too with the hope that it will make the whole sealing the fence project a little more manageable this spring since I conveniently put it off until the temps dipped below 50 degrees last fall. Oops. Anyway, as soon as I got home I put my painting T-shirt over my fleece jacket (we keep the house cold), queued up an audio book on my iPhone, grabbed my trusty little cutting-in brush, and got to work.
This really is a great brush for cutting-in without tape, which is the only way we cut-in around here. Somehow the short little handle means less cramped hands and more precise lines.

It was a little shocking to see the first bit of paint go up on the wall. Remember, this is the house where the palest grays and seafoam greens don every wall. Where ceilings have an every so slight tint of blueish gray and I call them painted "with color." This, was a shock:
But when I stepped back into the room and peered into the little closet I was totally hooked. So I continued on cutting in all around the edges of the closet, along the ceiling, the door, the moldings. And then I moved on to the bookshelf, removing one loose shelf (they're nailed in place) and carefully cutting in behind all the others as best I could. I painted the wall behind the floor-to-ceiling shelves entirely by hand with the 2" brush. It reminded me of when I painted the office ceiling with a 2" brush, twice. And then since my hand was getting tired of painting with a brush, and  even though I didn't feel like dirtying another brush that I'd have to clean, I pulled out a roller to finish the closet walls. It only took one coat to cover the walls well. It's my second time using the Behr premium paint that is a paint and primer in one and I'm happy with it. Benjamin Moore's Aura wins my heart over every day of the week, but Behr is a good, less expensive alternative.

It took me longer to rinse and wash the roller brush than it did for me to roll the paint on in the closet. Does anyone else wash their rollers? I get so many uses out of the Aura rollers that I just can't justify not cleaning them. Side note, if you do decide to start cleaning your rollers, after you think it's fully clean do a final rinse with vinegar; it gets the last of the paint out. Do the same with your brushes for that matter and then give them all a little rise with water to finish off.

In the morning when the paint was dry I put our baskets and books back on the shelves, packed away the wedding books that I haven't looked at since our wedding, and pulled out just a couple elephants from my collection. I really do like the way it came out, it's very fun.
This side of the room isn't visible from the hallway so I find myself popping into the little room just to take a peek at the turquoise walls. Next I'll be contemplating the elephant fabric and how I'd like to use it. I could cover the Ikea Poang chair with elephants, make curtains, etc. I'm having the curtain debate with myself in this room similar to our master: if I make floor length curtains then the small room suddenly becomes a lot smaller, or I could make short, crisp valances to top off the windows, which would take up far less valuable floor space and wouldn't be elephant overkill (if I used the elephant fabric). Decisions, decisions. What would you do?

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  1. Anonymous1/26/2011

    The bookshelf looks fantastic. Explain what is going on with the floor in that area. I'm fascinated.

  2. Ooh, good question re: the floor. The stairs to the first floor are in the center of the front wall of the house, and run right under the bookshelf here. (You walk in the front door and the stairs are to the right, which is why there's no window in the center on the first floor of our house. This room is the window directly above the front door). So the sloped floor is the slope of the ceiling above the stairs. Our home's original owners (they were here for almost 70 years!) knew what they were doing when they maximized the space by putting in the shelves. I squirrel away all sorts of stuff in the baskets on the shelves, including all our home reno receipts!

  3. i like! Enuf said....

    love the colors......
    love the lighting interesting piece! (first pic)

    bookcase looks gr8. When you are "popping" your head in for a glimpse are you just in awe about how beautiful it looks or do you think you want to make a change?

    I really like this...

  4. Brooke, I'm definitely popping my head in to say, "oooh it looks so cool!" I really do love it.

  5. I knew you were crafty, but it's really so much more than that! I am seriously impressed and inspired by everything on this site. Just awesome! I hadn't checked it out in a while but came back to it after I saw your post on FB and voted for you (of course) on Apartment Therapy's site. I really hope you guys win!!

    - Your old friend, Julie L., from our e-D days

    PS - I loved the Christmas card you sent too. Forgot to tell you that when I received it. Thanks :)

  6. Love that color, that is the color of my bedroom. I love how you used it for a pop of color! Good luck with the Homies!

  7. I LOVE the color! I also love the idea of putting such a bold color in a closet...makes you want to hang your clothes up!

  8. Anonymous1/29/2011

    Looks good, love that light fixture!


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