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As you may have noticed from my sewing nook post, I have a lot of extra fabric. Some of it I have big plans for, but most of it is either leftover from an old project, or was purchased for some project that was never meant to be. Having a dedicated spot for my sewing machine has made sewing projects a whole lot more enjoyable and a lot less chore-like. Plus, I think I'm getting over the sewing overdose I subjected myself to when I made the super-insulated living and dining curtains last winter. So after I made the elephant dog bed cover the other day I started looking around for other things to cover.

First on the list was Feeney's living room bed, which had a sage-y green cover that has LEXI embroidered on it. Talk about hand-me-downs. It's not like Lexi isn't around any more, I know she can't read, but I'm sure she could use her special cover on one of her dozen beds. So Lexi's cover is in the mail on its way back to her and Feeney is enjoying his own special bed cover. Special because it matches the living room curtains. Of course it matches the living room curtains.
I decided against piping for this bed mainly because I didn't want to use more fabric than I had to. We have a futon in the basement den that I'd like to cover with the same fabric and I would hate to get halfway through that project and run out. I did sew a little detail edging around the top, but as soon as I knelt down to take a picture, Feeney walked in front of me, shoved his tennis ball in my arm and then plopped down on the bed. Photoshoot over.
The whole dog-bed-match-the-curtains thing is something I've wanted to do for a while, so I'm pretty happy to get it crossed off the to-do list. 
I have one more slipcover project to share, but I promise this will be the last dog bed related post for a while. How many dog beds does one dog really need anyway?

And because he's been such a huge help around here, and continues to be one of our biggest fans, we'd like to wish F's dad a very happy birthday. If we were in Maine right now we'd bake him a giant chocolate cake with his favorite white frosting. Happy birthday, dad. Thank you for all your help. xoxo

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  1. Our little Westie has 3, but prefers to sleep on the couch or bed, of course

  2. How great is this?? Hahaha, I love that it matches your curtains :0)

  3. Anonymous2/11/2011

    i love your rug in the living room! its beautiful :). its like the first oriental style rug i have seen with modern colors!

  4. Imcniff, you're S's new best friend! We've had so many heated discussions about his rugs because I love simple monotones and his carpets predate me. I do happen to like this one too, it's growing on me ;)


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