It's a Table Cloth, It's a Curtain, It's Our Headboard

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The other day when I shared our winter bedroom I mentioned the little face lift I gave to our headboard to tide me over for the next twenty years while I long for Pottery Barn's Cynthia storage bed. I've been holding off on doing anything to the headboard for a while, but I know we're more likely to make the Cynthia bed than buy it and with our to-do list, I can assure you that making a bed with six drawers underneath isn't going to happen any time soon. So it was high time for a headboard makeover.

My first thought was to sand down the little groove-details along the top and paint the whole thing white, or black, or some color other than cracked, peeling, chipping varnish. But it's 30 degrees outside and will be for some time. I could take it into our basement to paint, but there's no way I could sand out the grooves down there since the basement is our main storage area and where we keep all the food. I learned that just a little cutting makes a huge mess when I lined a little chest with aromatic cedar this week, which I'll have to show you soon since it's almost time to put sweaters into storage according to Punxsutawney Phil. Plus, the thing is super heavy. So I came up with a temporary makeover that I think may stay around for a little while.

My little secret for curtains and slipcovers and all sorts of fabric-related projects is the clearance section of the table linens aisle at Home Goods. Clip a few ring clips to a couple of table cloths and you have a pair of fantastic curtain panels, beautiful hems and all that are far less expensive than the fabric to sew a pair. It was our little secret in our Florida house and the reason we didn't let any of the curtains covey when we sold. I know the secret about using sheets for fabric is well documented, but table cloths are heavier weight and often have a little texture for visual interest.

I grabbed one of the two white table cloths that used to hang in our Florida dining room. See it hanging above the sliding glass door in the background here? It was a huge improvement over the vertical blinds that were there when S bought the place.
I draped the table cloth evenly over the headboard, making sure that it didn't bunch up around the mattress.
I took out my trusty box of safety pins.... Remember this is our temporary fix that might just last a while. Either way, I didn't want to cut-up and sew a perfectly good table cloth/curtain/slipcover. I'm a Gemini, I have to acknowledge that I may change my mind in a hot second.
Then to get a tight fitting, neat edge, I folded the extra fabric taught against the back of the headboard, about three inches from the top. You can see here that I made sure that I didn't double-up the fold on the sides of the headboard and made sure all the extra fabric was in the back. It was almost like wrapping a gift where you fold the top flap down and then make vertical creases with the sides before folding them toward the center. (Don't worry, that's not making much sense to me either, it's no wonder S "wraps" my gifts in Target shopping bags.) I pinned the top in place and then, while pulling tightly, put several more pins down the edge of the fabric, which for this size table cloth ended up being fairly close to the center of the headboard.
I repeated on the other side, making sure to get nice neat, even pleats where the headboard curves.
And then I made the bed and called it a day. How easy is that? And the best part is, I can switch it out in the summer, or whenever I feel the need to change the look of our bedroom again.
What other fabric secrets are there? Any good ideas for what to do with the other eight table cloths sitting in our linen closet?

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  1. Genius & so versatile! I just might need to "borrow" your idea.

    Also, I ADORE the capiz chandie above your DR table. Yes, please. =]

  2. Love it! Brilliant idea! I know what I'm doing with my morning tomorrow... trolling the Home Goods table linen section.


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