A Little Modern, A Lot Easy

So let's recap what we're working on right now. We're getting quotes to replace windows, figuring out how we want to add a bathroom and bedroom to the basement, considering re-doing the entire basement, picking out tile for the kitchen, painting all the trim inside the house, painting ceilings in three rooms, and I want new entry doors. And all of that is on top of the ongoing little projects like changing all the electrical outlets so they're white and not painted-over cream, for example.

So since we're obviously not busy at all, I decided to buy some new pulls for the kitchen cabinets. The ones we have are just fine, but I've coveted those long rod-like pulls since we lived in our Florida house where we had no cabinet pulls.
As much as I like the long pulls I didn't want to have to drill a second hole in our cabinets to install them. In fact, I'm pretty sure S said "absolutely not" when I suggested them when we first walked into our house. So I've been looking for modern looking bar-like knobs on the sly since we moved in over a year ago. The other night on a whim, I decided to check out Home Depot's online knob selection when I came across these guys:
They seemed to fit the bill: kind of modern looking with only one fastener. I ordered 16. And they were delivered in record time. While I waited for my afternoon tea water to boil the other day, I installed a few just to see if we like them
I think I may love them. S isn't entirely convinced, but I think he's leaning towards agreeing with me, which is to say he isn't adamantly opposed to them.
We're still on the hunt for the perfect tile, but I think the knobs are a step in the right direction. Just a touch more modern, and far easier a project than doing something fabulous with that basement we have going on beneath us.

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  1. I love those knobs!! They look fabulous on your cabinets. =]

  2. Are you guys replacing the outlets and outlet covers or just one of those? Our outlets and covers are an awful shade of tan and the covers are textured. I HATE them, but I'm not sure that I really want to switch all of them (plus the light switches!) out.

  3. Our Little Beehive2/28/2011

    Hey Christina - we've replaced every single outlet in the entire house except for a couple original ones that I thought looked "cute" (we checked their wiring anyway). We're also changing face plates too. The previous owners had a different style than ours and had purchased stainless covers with a french-country pattern on them. They're expensive covers so we thought we'd keep them, but after swapping to white I think we're going to try to sell them on Craig's List.


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