Our Guest Room had a Dirty Little Secret

When we revealed our spiffed-up guest room last summer, we didn't tell you about its dirty little secret that I surreptitiously cropped from all the photos. And I mean dirty. It was home to the last remaining ceiling fan in our house. And while we're not totally anti-ceiling fan, we're totally anti-ceiling fan with chair caning detail and gobs of dust caked on them from when a previous owner had the floors sanded. Achoo, dirty!
I've mentioned that it took a while for S and me to agree on a light fixture for our master, or rather that he didn't agree with my choice of modern round crystals or a capiz chandelier similar to the one in our dining room. We both agreed on the simplicity of CB2's Eden pendant, so I bought another for the guest room. And while S was away the other day, I spread a drop cloth on the bed and took that dirty ceiling fan down. Using an inexpensive Westinghouse pendant fixture, I hardwired the Eden pendant and in no time flat our guest room was liberated: no more dirty little secrets.
The new light is fab and all, but this is why I love our guest room so much:
When you're lying in bed, you have a view of our wedding photos hung in the stairwell. I love our wedding photos. Although I'm not sure that reminding my parents, our most frequent guests, of all the hard work they put in for the wedding they hosted at their house is really the best way to motivate them to help us with our house projects when they're here!

What little secrets are you hiding in your house? Any ceiling fans with chair caning details, or did we have the last remaining hold-out?

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  1. The new light looks so much better! Great update.

    Also, I want to thank you for introducing us to the concept of F1B Goldendoodles. Feeney is adorable & my husband and I finally found a dog we both like the look of. Now we'll just have to find one I can rub my face in to see how hypo-allergenic they really are for this hyper-allergic lady!

  2. Well our Feeney is a total love bug so I'm sure he or any of his relatives would love to volunteer!

  3. Love the drum shade. It really updated the room. Simple and classic!

    Happy Wednesday :)

  4. I am loving the color, the drum shade, quite simply, the whole room!

    Extreme Personal Measures

  5. Love the Eden pendant! It's so versitile and it looks great in your guest room.

  6. Thanks, Amanda! You have the same one over your dining table too, don't you? I love you dining room :)


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