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See that sheet of glass tile behind our toaster oven? It's finally back splash time. Seriously, this project kind of falls into the "necessary" category and we've managed to put it off for a year now.
When we moved in the counters were newly installed, but the contractor had never put in a back splash or granite ledge because the previous homeowners couldn't decide which they wanted. Funny thing how that works. We spent the last year not knowing what we wanted either. And we still don't. But, we've ruled out mini white subway tiles, which we love, because they'd highlight the yellow-y white of the cabinets, which isn't a feature we want highlighted. We love the rectangle shape of subway tiles, so we at least have the shape nailed down. And I love glass, but we're not ruling out any other mediums yet.

I picked up these glass tiles from the Depot, and while we love the price, we're not 100% convinced that they don't have too much color in them for our tastes. I know, they're super pale, but we'd like to see some clear ones before we commit. Or maybe ones with a little shimmer. Like a dance party in the kitchen.
Here's the kitchen currently, without a back splash:
The walls read more pale blue than gray in most lights and we usually bring in blue or white accessories, especially with the blue tea kettle. But I like that we can easily go with pink or yellow or whatever suits my fancy on any given day. Clearly we're in a blue mood right now with the snowflake dishtowels and the mat by the sink. But you know, I could be pink tomorrow. Or lavender. Or wait, it's almost Valentine's day! Red.
I think we'll have to bring home a few more samples to try them out before we make our first foray into tiling. Do you have any tile favorites?

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  1. Monique J2/09/2011

    Back when I ran a K & B showroom we had a line of glass tiles by a brand emenee. They had some clear and some "true white" and many other colors of glass tile and they offered each color in polished or frosted. I would google "emenee tle" and see if anything catches your fancy.

  2. We've been in our house 2 years and don't have a backsplash for the very same reason.

    I vote you go with the glass tiles so I can see what they look like before attempting mine! :)

  3. Anonymous2/09/2011

    we JUST finished our tile backsplash experience...check it out here: http://lmcniff.wordpress.com/2011/01/15/grouting/

    it was a really tough decision to choose a tile pattern, and i went back and forth over a pop of color or a neutral...couldn't decide. then we found this subway mosaic and fell in love! it's a little pop of color, but mostly an assortment of neutrals :) here is the finished product:

    let me know if you need any suggestions! its a messy and time-consuming process but we are thrilled at the transformatioN!

  4. I think it's a good thing to have several different options in front of you before you make a decision. I really like that light robin's egg blue you have a sample of. I think it is pale enough that it would compliment pink or red accents beautifully if you decide to change your accessories. but then again, clear and dance party shimmer tiles would also be great for different colors of accessories. can't wait to see what you decide on!

  5. Have you seen the solid glass backsplash. It's a very clean and modern look. Basically you cut a piece of tempered glass to fit the wall, and then paint the back whatever color you want. The entire piece is then glued in place. Super easy to clean, and very modern.

  6. i love the blue tile! we did a huge tiling project last year, and it was really hard to decide on whether to go subtle or bold. we also had a hard time finding the tile we wanted (ended up special ordering from homedepot), and I guess we're not alone--i get a lot of web traffic for other people looking for the same tile!

    We went bold, and some people were quite skeptical about whether it would work, but we like it!


  7. I love the backsplash option you're looking at right now, I think it's subtle enough to still allow for pink or red or lavender as you wish.

    I have new granite counter tops that are similiar to your but read much yellower. I actually don't like them because they seem so creamy yellow, but I the previous owners put them in right before I bought the house. I'm wondering though if I painted the ceiling, wall, and shelves if mine would read less yellow and instead more like yours (crossing my fingers!).

    Anyway, I think my previous owners couldn't decide on backsplash or the granite ledge, so they went with both! At least you get to choose what suits you best without having to demo their choice first! Love the blog too!

  8. We had SO much trouble making this decision too! We didn't like the off-white of our cabinets, so I tried to find a backsplash that would work with it. Such a hard decision! But we landed on this slate and it is my *favorite* thing in our kitchen: http://viewalongtheway.blogspot.com/search/label/kitchen

    Good luck!

  9. Anonymous2/09/2011

    so glad you liked our tile! it's such a big decision :)

  10. That tile is going to make a beautiful backsplash. We saw something just like that the other day (we were looiking for table top options). I cant wait to see how this turns out!

    My sweetie and I purchased our first home over the summer but a kitchen revamp of any kind is a bit far off in the future for us. Im your newest follower :0)


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