Seeing the Obvious in the Little {Dog} Room

We made some progress in the little room, aka the dog's room, this weekend, most of which was done behind the sewing machine. After I painted the walls behind the bookshelf and inside the closet turquoise I draped the elephant fabric I bought a few weeks ago from one of the windows for a few days so we could decide whether we wanted long curtains or short little valances.

Once we saw how the valances in our bedroom turned out, we decided valance was the way to go. The little room is really little and long floor-length curtains, as much as I love them, would take up too much space. Plus, if we ever have a kid then this would be its room and as I have visions of a little hellion mini-S swinging from the curtains as the rod rips from the plaster walls. And I just don't want to patch any more walls.

Valances meant I needed about a yard of the fabric I bought, leaving five yards unused. Kind of wasteful. Then at some point last week the obvious hit me: a new cover for Feeney's dog bed. His old bed was embarrassingly grungy despite weekly washings, but he loved the one fleece covered side so I didn't have the heart to toss it. I knew it also meant that I'd have to make one side of he new bed soft and fleece-like if he was going to love it as much as his old. So I took a quick trip to our local fabric store where I bought a super long plastic zippper and a yard of super soft, smooth minky fabric. If you've been to a baby shower in the past two years, I'm sure you've seen minky, it's that super soft fabric that sometimes has nubby little bumps on it. I haven't been to a shower yet without at least one minky blanket in the gift pile.

I used the old bed cover as a rough pattern and an online tutorial to learn how to make piping and sewed up this pachyderm-covered dog bed cover.
I'm super happy with how the piping turned out. And check out how the little elephants march all along the edges. The best part is that the Feens loves his new bed.
With the bed finished, I moved on to the much easier job of making the valances. I put together a little tutorial to share later this week, you'll see, they're super fast and easy.

I wasn't sure if two elephants tall would be long enough, but it tuned out to be the perfect length, almost the same length as the 13" long valances in the guest room, which is where the whole valance thing started around here.

And here's how all three of the recent little room updates look together. 
The little room is really starting to come together and definitely looking a whole lot better than it did when we just stored unused office supplies and other junk in there. Now we actually want to spend time in there. We still need to bribe Feeney with a peanut butter filled Kong to convince him that he wants to be in there when we're out, but we're working on it.

Now it's your turn to fess up, do you have a clutter-collecting room in your house that needs a little makeover?

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  1. very cute....my dog is the same way..

    new follower, katie

  2. Hi! I just found your blog through Apartment Therapy! My husband and I are fixing up our little home too, so I'll be following along with your progess!


  3. Hi ladies thanks for visiting our blog. I'll have to stop by and see yours soon. Thanks for the links!

  4. I love what you've done with the elephant theme. It all looks very simply but comfy.

    We have a small extra room that we call the the cat's room. The ironing board and vacuum and out-of-season clothing and paper shredder and a couple of largish family heirlooms and the cat's playthings all live in there. It was originally supposed to be a craft room but we just don't have the funds to fix it up right now. I just live vicariously through home makeover blogs like yours :-)

  5. Hi Trippy - did you see the post "I'm sew excited..." a few weeks ago? I made a sewing nook for myself in our den using stuff I had on hand. I lust after craft spaces all over the 'net. Aah, a girl can dream...

  6. I just found your blog via apartment therapy too. I love your new room, especially the dog bed. I have two dogs and am dying to make them new bedcovers. I haven't worked up the nerve yet.

  7. The elephant fabric looks great in the room, and I love the dog bed! Your piping looks perfect!

  8. Thanks, Erin! I was so excited when I found your elephants in our color scheme :)

  9. CUTE! I LOVE that you have a dog room!!!

  10. I think this was the first post that I read on your blog via apartment therapy. I thought, a room for a dog?! Lucky dog!!! Then I realized you lived down the road :)

  11. i love the color in the inside of the bookcase- that is so fun!


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