Turns Out, I Just Like Glossy White

The other day I was lamenting the fact that the darker of the two "grays" in our dining room looked way too blue.
It wasn't that I just noticed it the other day; it's been bothering me for months, but I had come to a breaking point. Black and white: I didn't like the bluish gray. Nothing gray about it. It kind of makes sense that S was on a weeks-long trip to Europe and I was itching for projects to keep lonely from creeping into the house. And there's only so much sewing one can do to keep busy before you just need to take drastic steps to change your surroundings.

So I started by painting some of the trim white and by taping about a hundred gray paint swatches to the wall.
Then, because BM paint is so pricey, I had the paint folks at our local Home Depot color match four BM paint chips to their $2.97 samples. And that's when I learned a valuable lesson. Color matching is not exact. And in fact, you can do a "color match" on the same swatch five times in a row and come up with a different color each time. I learned all that when I took the samples back to the Depot the next day to ask wth went so wrong. Moral of that story is that when you have 100+ paint chips on your wall and you're THAT particular, you're going to notice that color matching isn't exact. Or, you may just notice what S noticed as I stood at the paint counter discussing the variations in gray: it's a whole new level of neurotic.

So once I got (I'm totally dropping S from this project post now since he was out long before we got to 100+ samples) to the point of having two BM samples on the wall, I decided to go with Timberwolf. On the right here:
I confidently strode into our local BM dealer and ordered a full gallon, convinced I had another spot I wanted to use this lovely dark gray that didn't turn blue in the sunlight. As I waited for the paint I decided to just chat with the in-store designer, who happened to have a rare moment without a customer. We discussed the light exposure for the room, the yellow-y trim that we were painting/ had painted white. She picked chips at random and I told her how they all looked on the walls, because not only did I tape them all up, I scrutinized and remembered how they each rendered, no small feat for someone who can rarely remember what she ate for breakfast on any given afternoon. And then we stepped to the light box, which after a year of going to this particular store, was the first time I'd seen it. We held the gray that I had mixed and waiting on the counter for me under the "south" sun lights and I said, "that's green." Oops. We found one that wasn't green, which happened to be one of the chips that was mis-matched at the Depot, which I shied away from ordering in a BM sample because the mis-match had looked so purple. But the Timberwolf was mixed, so I paid and took it home. And S helped me paint.
And sure enough, I can see green. It's 100 times closer to what I want, so I'm not complaining, but expect a blog post exactly one year from now with a new gray on the wall.
I can't in good conscience spend money on another gallon (or quart) of paint when I'm pretty happy with this color. At least not this year. What I am over-the-moon excited about, however, is how the Ice Cube Silver is looking on the walls now that we've painted the trim white. The Ice Cube Silver was by far my biggest paint complaint in our house, far more so than the little bit of below-the-chair-rail dining color. Check it out here, I challenge you to see baby blue on those walls!
I could not be more excited about the Ice Cube Silver now. Seriously, it's taken me forever just to write this post because I keep looking up to check out the area above our front entry door, which was the biggest baby blue offender. Gray, just the perfect palest of grays. Just like the paint swatch I fell in love with over a year ago. Now I just need a week's vacation so I can continue with the trim upstairs and can put a few coats of glossy white on those icky yellow doors. So I'm happy with the darker Timberwolf, but ecstatic about the Ice Cube Silver. Seems to me that the biggest impact here wasn't the gray I painstakingly poured over afterall; it was just pure white.

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  1. Love that color, but I am a little obsessed with all gray colors :) I really love the trim white, it makes the grays pop more. Have a great day! :)

  2. I guess to preserve mental health, I had better pack my trim brush for the next visit to the hive!

  3. Doesn't the "guest" in guest room mean the guest gets to work on that room?

  4. Looks great in the pictures!! Love the color. Might do something similar in my son's room.

  5. I think it looks gorgeous and grey to me! :)

  6. Your dining room looks great. I know how you feel at the paint store. I am a paint addict and if the color isn't just what I imagined I will become obsessed with just the right color for the space.

  7. The shade of white makes all the difference. Colors can look completely depending on the shade and vibrancy of the white. The walls and trim look great.

  8. I love white trim and I love gray walls so this room is the bomb dot com. Beautiful!

  9. I really like the grey on the bottom. Big fan of grey myself. Decorating takes a lot of work and you are definitely working it! Thanks so much for sharing.
    I recently painted my entryway and living room Benjamin Moore's Graphite. Really love it...but it is dark...maybe too dark for some, but feels cozy to me and anything I put on the walls really pops, which I like.
    Best regards,


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