Cherries with Snow on Top

It snowed just a touch Saturday night, which is pretty crazy since during last year's Cherry Blossom Festival it was 90+ degrees thus starting the summer from hell. I much prefer my cherry blossoms with a light coating of snow on top.
I hope the snow is some indication that we're going to have a "cool" summer. I'll take 75-80 degrees every day for months, please. Feens was just psyched to get another chance to eat snow from the back yard.
Yum, snow.

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  1. puppy so cute!!

    I'm hoping for a cool summer too, though not much chance of it down here in Alabama.

  2. that was a summer from hell? it was my first summer in DC and i thought it was normal... and i was interning and wearing suits every day and let me tell you IT WAS HELL. made me start my list about why i dislike dc! hopefully it won't be that way again this year (please Lord!)

  3. Let's hope so, Katelyn! We were in Florida the summer before and I preferred that to last summer in DC. At least we had a beach and an ocean 15 minutes away! Glad to know I'm not the only one starting that list last summer ;)


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