Covering the Sins Within

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Back when we created an little sewing nook for me in our den so I can efficiently sew up a storm of sail bags, I put a bunch of baskets full of supplies interspersed with some ugly books on an ugly bookcase. I thought for a hot second that I would paint the ugly bookcase a less ugly color and maybe spray its tarnished brass feet with some brushed nickle spray paint. But painting the bookcase doesn't make the books any less ugly. So I sewed a bookcase slip cover to hide all of the sins within.
It covers the entire front and back of the bookcase, just in case I decide to move the furniture around and the back happens to be visible in the future. I put a nice chunky hem at the bottom to keep it weighed down and to keep the whole thing from slipping, I sewed in two rows of piping at the front and back edges of the top of the bookshelf.
I may end up painting the bookcase anyway since the sides are still open, but making the slipcover moved that project waaaay down the to-do list. Plus, we have a basement to demo and re-design so who knows, I may be introducing some new storage cabinets to my sewing nook in the near future!

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  1. I love that fabric! Beautiful color and great pattern. =]

  2. This fabric is lovely. I did something similar on our doggie kennel, and it makes it look much nicer. I'm thinking of changing the fabric to something prettier, though.


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