The Feeney Report

I'm happy to report that Feeney is looking much, much better today:
After his bath I spent forever brushing out his knotted fur that the clippers wouldn't cut through. They're the same clippers that the groomers at PetSmart use, so I was a little surprised that my pup, who had a bath every other weekend and was brushed out every week all winter long, had knots these clippers wouldn't cut. But all's well that ends well. One more round with clippers and a bit more off his snout and the Feens is his handsome self again...which is a good thing since I didn't walk him to the post office yesterday morning because I was embarrassed by how mangy he looked.

To quote S earlier this week, "do you think Feeney knows he just became the ugliest dog on the block?" Whew, good thing that didn't last because ya' know, I think he did know.

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  1. OMG I think he's the cutest. I even kind of loved him lots when he looked 'rediculous'.
    Let me know if he needs to have a playdate - I'll be down there in a heartbeat! :)

  2. Feeney is very handsome (and cute)!

    I have a wheaten terrier whom I brush/comb every day otherwise he'd get matted. The best brushes *ever* are by "Les Poochs". Well worth the investment and highly recommended by groomers since you can save a matted coat instead of shaving down. :)

  3. I've heard so many people rave about Les Poochs brushes. We may need to invest in one this winter when he coat gets a bit longer!


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