Good Score, Goodwill

We took a quick trip to Goodwill last night to drop off a few bags full of books and clutter and decided to take a quick peek inside before continuing on for our hot Saturday night at Home Depot.

Just inside the front door was this push mower, exactly like the one I wanted to buy when our mower died two years ago.
Too bad I was able to fix our mower with a bunch of help from our friend Google. If we had a big garage I totally would have brought this beauty home. But I guess if we had space for a big garage, we'd have a really big yard and when it's 100 degrees I probably wouldn't love my old-school clipper anymore.

I strolled past the overpriced furniture; chairs from Ikea that were priced $20 more each than the Ikea price, huh? And made my way to the tchotchke to see if I could find some cute plates for photographing food, or maybe a white ceramic bird like the one I passed up at Home Goods two weeks ago and have kicked myself for ever since. I was just about to stroll over to the electronics when I spotted this lovely couple:
A pair of glass lamps from Target, tags still on and obviously never used. $6 each. Looks like someone got burned by Target's 90 day return period. I snatched them up. And then I went to Target to make a return and got burned by their 90 day return period. Oh the irony.

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  1. it was so nice meeting you yesterday, felicity! what a score on the lamps and lawnmower. target actually donates their goods to goodwill. ours has an area just of new target goods. i got a set of 4 new target chairs last year for 8.99 each! they were those white scoop chairs. i haven't used them yet, but they stack, so they are just sitting there, waiting to be used with something. :)

  2. Target donates to our local Salvation Army. I got a leather storage ottoman for $25...perfect condition. That'll teach Target and their 90 day return period. (I actually love Target and they are getting a lot better about returns!)

  3. I've always wanted one of those push mowers too...but I hope to one day have a yard bigger then a postage stamp that will definitely require something gas powered! I love the lamps you scored! Our goodwill has target stuff like Cassie mentioned but it is never that awesome!! Oh and at the dollar store they have these cute ceramic birds that have this horrible fake glaze on them but can be easily fixed with some spray paint! I have about four of them :-)

  4. Great find!

    And on the furniture thing - I'm always amazed how much our Goodwill and Salvation Army charge for furniture! Many moons ago I used to buy wooden furniture at thrift stores and garage sales, refinish and do decorative painting, then sell it at arts festivals. It was a really fun hobby and made some $$ off it too. But that's back when I could get the furniture for much less. I could never do it today if buying at Goodwill and Salvation Army!

  5. That GW is HORRIBLE. Their furniture prices are insane even for clearly broken or badly damaged stuff. I just went to the newer GW in Falls Church but same deal with the crazy prices on furniture. Also, check out the Clock Tower thrift shop just up the street on Braddock. Great prices but loads of junk to dig through.

  6. Anonymous3/28/2011

    Those lamp bases are great finds!


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