Infectious Pink

We started to lighten up a little bit around here for spring, just before the temps dropped and we turned the heat on again. And while I haven't packed away the flannel sheets for the year yet, we are slowly saying hello to springier stuff around here.

It's no secret that I love pink. And more accurately pink & navy. But recently the pink has started to seep from my girly office and into the rest of our hive. It started when S brought home a few pink orchids for me that I put in my office and then moved on to the pink peony blossom I stuck in a small vase from my brother and SIL's wedding.
Now it's blossomed into a full fledged obsession with pink that S is grinning and bearing quite nicely. Right now I'm on the hunt for the perfect pink fabric to make a few pillow covers for the living room couch.

While I was out looking for a little pink to add here and there I picked up a pair of these white and navy blue lamp shades at Target. I swapped out the more wintery flax-y/linen shades in the living room and stuck them down in the basement (and added "more lampshade storage" to the reno wish list). I'd love to make a similar white with pink trimmed shade for the corner lamp, which might be a good way to use up some of those lamp making supplies also taking up space in the basement....
I stick the day's important mail in that little pink pot before moving it on to S's basket if it's not read after a day. It's a useless system really, since nothing has ever not made it to his basket. But whatever, it's pink.
So now I'm on the hunt for the perfect pink and white ikat fabric for a couple accent pillows. 'Cause there's nothing S loves more than too many pillows. We'll also swap out that wreath on the front door that I made from HUGE Florida pine cones with something pink as soon as the shocking pink roses (that's really their name) bloom in the front yard.

I might just have to start making sail bags with hot pink customization. Or at least make one for myself. I guess you could say I'm falling into the honeysuckle trend, or maybe it's just always been there, since we did have that hot pink wedding afterall.

Don't forget to enter for a chance to win a $100 gift card. I bet you could buy a lot of pink accessories with $100!

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  1. Love the pink!! Check out Joann Fabrics for some fabrics. They had a great selection of cute graphics when i was there a few weeks ago.


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