Quick, Peek Before We Destroy It

We're in the middle of planning stages for our basement reno and we're leaning toward redoing the entire basement, including the finished den. The area appears to be a weekend warrior's mediocre shop project complete with faux wood paneling and "trim" that's really just ill fitting strips of paneling nailed up in weird places. But our main reason for wanting to redo the entire basement is to maximize the dead space behind the paneling and to create a seamless hallway to the new bathroom, bedroom and storage areas. Since it's very likely that our den will become unrecognizable very soon as we begin demo work, we thought we'd share a few photos of how things are today.

S claimed the area as his man cave when we first moved in, but it remained mostly a no-man's land of cast-offs up until a few months ago when we created a sewing nook for our growing sail bag business. The space was always neat and clean, but it was more of a hallway from the stairs to the utility room where we store nearly everything that our tiny kitchen can't hold. Since adding the sewing nook and defining the room's three main areas, we've started to spend a lot more time down there.

As you walk down the newly painted stairs from the dining room you first step into S's office area with his "I love me" walls filled with diplomas, photos and plane stuff. The desk might look like it's filled with files and important papers, but don't be fooled, S has sat at his desk for a total of one hour tops since we moved in over a year ago. I'm filing that desk under the "useless purchase" category!
As you turn to enter the room a futon, which has a brand new made-in-Maine mattress so we can't bear to part with it even though we'd love a much smaller sofa, divides the area in to living space and a hallway leading to the utility room. The bookshelf against the wall of the stairwell is full of books about flying and the Navy. And because we have a dehumidifier in this room we also store S's carpets rolled in the corner when they're not in use. Someday we'll have a house with a man cave large enough for S to spread his carpets about like a shop in a Middle Eastern bazaar.
Next to the futon is a little side table that has drop sides, which make it a much larger round table when it's open. It used to be painted a colonial red when it belonged to my grandparents. I gave it a makeover a few years ago when I painted it dark brown and replaced the drawer pull. It's on the short list of furniture that might get another makeover after the basement reno is finished, but it's in pretty good shape right now as-is. We keep a few flying related items on it including S's helmet from when he was a flight instructor and a aviator nutcracker from Germany.
In front of the futon we have our second TV, which is hooked up to a slingbox so S can catch up on episodes of Jersey Shore wherever in the world he may be. The little red chest that the TV sits on belonged to my grandparents and used to be painted blue. It took at least a half dozen coats of paint to get it red instead of pink and then during a year in storage huge pieces of paint stuck to something stacked on top of it and peeled off. It's on the list of things to refinish this spring, but because there are so many existing coats of paint we're going to have to strip it before painting again or else the drawers won't open. It's biggest improvement came a few weeks ago when we lined it with cedar to create a moth-free storage space for my knitting yarn. We'll have more about our cedar extravaganza soon.
And finally in the corner under the room's only window, which will be replaced in a few weeks with a brand new window that actually opens, is my little sewing nook where I work on sail bags and other fun projects.
Fun projects like sewing a slipcover for the bookcase that holds a bunch of my uglier books and supplies just next to my sewing table. More on that soon.

Everything is nice and clean and organized, just the way it should be before demolition begins!

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  1. I can't wait to see what you all do with the basement renovation! Sounds exciting. =]

  2. I can't wait to see the progress and what you do with it. I also love all of the 'flying inspired' accents [My job is in aircraft maintenance] :)

  3. We're super excited about the whole basement, not so much about the mess during the reno though :)


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