They're Perfect!!

OMG they're perfect!! The basement windows are absolutely perfect. Now THIS is the reaction I expected and wanted for our windows upstairs. Instead that fiasco is ongoing and frankly, I'm not sure I've ever had a non-family member yell at me on the phone before. But I digress....

Look at these basement windows!
current utility room
The actual surface area of the glass might be smaller than before, but because they're white and not nasty, they totally brighten the entire room. I love them. And apparently they were the perfect size for the opening, with just a touch of space for insulation.
current den
Our installer, Don said they weren't too difficult to install, which is good news since he busted his a*s last week to make the wrong windows fit the gaping holes in our house as a temporary solution...wait I'm digressing again.... Thanks for coming back for more, Don.
Don pointed out that our old windows were merely panes of glass glued into a frame. There was no metal actually holding the glass in place on the outside. As he put it, "it would have taken less than two minutes to break in." Awesome. That makes me even more grateful that we had an alarm system put in the entire house last year.
While he was here, Don also capped off the window that a previous owner replaced. They did a pretty shoddy job overall and left untreated wood exposed to the weather. There was no rot, but the capping should keep out any moisture (and pesky carpenter bees that we thankfully haven't seen since we demo'd our old shed) from now on.
The two new windows fit perfectly so they didn't need any capping, just a bit of caulk. Ok a whole lot of caulk. Which is pretty stinky, but a few hours with the windows opened seemed to help with the stank in the house.
We're planning to paint the window wells bright white and fill the bottoms with white stone to reflect as much light as possible into the basement. Now we're even more excited to get going on our big basement renovation!

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  1. yay! not sure i would want to be nearby ya'll if these windows didn't fit :-)

    they look so much better!

  2. Yay!! Glad everything is working out! They look great!!

  3. Thank goodness! Celebrate the small successes, right? :)

  4. Great looking windows, a huge improvement over the old ones!

  5. Anonymous3/30/2011

    Wow those make a huge difference! I have multiple friends who have replaced those same single pane windows for security reasons let alone the looks and energy efficiency. Glad they worked out better than the other windows.

  6. It will look great with the white stone!!


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