Wait, Bloggers are Real?

I got together with a handful of fellow DC area home bloggers for brunch today and discovered that bloggers are, in fact, real people. And amazing people at that. There's something very cool about putting a dozen strangers who have one thing in common, in a room and then looking up to see that somehow three hours have passed in the blink of an eye.
Back Row, standing: Katelyn, Kyra, Shannon, Kathy, Angie, Andi, and me
Front Row: Cassie, AmyRenee (behind Amy), Sarah, Laurie, and Melissa
We had a blast eating and chatting at Melissa's home, star of the HOUSEography blog, recently of Young House Love fame. Melissa gave us a tour, which I absolutely loved because our homes are so similar. There are only so many styles of post-war homes in Arlington and Melissa and I have similar "models." Right down to the original bathroom tiles, thankfully black and white, not pink or seafoam. What I loved most, is that she chose the exact same tile for her new basement bathroom that we have on our short-list for our basement bathroom remodel. S and I may need to invite ourselves back for drinks so I can show him the real-life version.

These ladies' blogs are definitely worth checking out. I'd love to add a list of DC area bloggers to our sidebar, so email me if you're blogging in the greater DC area and want to be added.

Angie of Seriously a Home Maker

Danielle of Fresh Quince

Cassie of Primitive & Proper

Kyra of RACKS and Mooby

Shannon of Hase Haus

Kathleen of All About Vignettes

Melissa of HOUSEography

Katelyn of The Eclectic Traditionalist

Andi of Jane of All Crafts

Laurie of Little Blue Chairs

Amy of My Sun Shines Here

Renee of Where the Grass is Greener

Sarah of The Thriftress

And of course me, Felicity, of Our Little Beehive

I brought a sausage and goat cheese frittata that took forever to bake last night. I'll post the recipe for it next weekend and make a few recommended changes. Speaking of breakfast foods, be sure to check out next Tuesday's Tuesday treats when I'll post the recipe for the most delicious sticky buns I made for S before he left for a long trip recently. So sticky, so amazing. I wish we had leftovers....

Thanks for a great day, Melissa! Let's do it again soon; I'll bring our favorite boozy baked french toast next time. xoxo

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  1. It was so great to meet you!! It was a lot of fun and I would definitely love to do it again especially if you are bringing the boozy baked french toast!!

  2. Thanks Felicity! Cannot wait to meet up for lunch too. It was so great to meet you and look forward to seeing everyone again!

  3. It was so fun, yeah? I am so glad we got to meet! I have a new reader this morning who commented and said hi and that she came via YOU! already? Thanks for the link and I am excited to watch your Arlington Colonial evolve!!


  4. You are so on top of things- I had a great time and really enjoyed meeting every one as well

  5. Bummed I couldn't make this, I'm a DC blogger myself (http://candyskitchen.blogspot.com). The brunch sounds like a great idea & a bunch of fun!

  6. It was so great to meet you the other day. You need to come see our Arlington colonial and we can compare notes. You have definitely done more than we have...but I am dreaming big!! Let's do a walk soon!
    Amy ~mysunshineshere

  7. Oh my goodness I love this title.... hilarious


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