Window Day!

Our windows are getting installed today! S took the day off from work to meet the contractor in the morning, who should be here at 8 with our windows in tow. We can't wait!

One more look at the "before" as I scrubbed our bathroom window with bleach, in tears over how disgustingly dirty they were...and this shot doesn't even show the broken panes to the right or in the top sash.
Bye, windows, you had a good life here!

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  1. You scared me for a second with the snow in the background. I was really afraid I was going to walk outside to a blizzard! (I can't see outside from my cube!)

  2. Congrats on your new windows! I know it's bittersweet for you though.

  3. we had all our windows and doors replaced last summer and the difference is unbelievable. no drafts, less noise it was well worth it. good luck!!


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