Winter Bedding, Just in Time for Spring

A month or two ago, back before Feeney and I were seeing crocuses and a few cherry blossoms during our morning walks (sorry friends in the North East who are still buried in snow, your August makes it so worth the wait), I showed you our winter bedroom. At that time we were in the market for a new winter duvet and I had narrowed our choices down to a few options from West Elm. Apparently I had shopped for a new winter duvet at West Elm earlier in the season too because my cart online had a matelasse duvet with a diamond pattern that was no longer featured in the bedding section of the web site. The diamond pattern was really similar to the geometric pattern on the valances in our room, perfect!
But when I tried to check out I found that the duvet was totally sold out in white. Womp, womp, womp. Not one to be defeated, I decided to call West Elm to see if they could find a store with the duvet and two euro shams in stock. I was placed on hold while the representative called at least a dozen stores finally locating the last king sized diamond matelasse duvet and two euro shams in San Francisco. Score. The duvet was on clearance, plus I got an additional 20% off because I placed the order during West Elm's bedding sale. Double score.

I also ordered a bee pillow for Our Little Beehive from Pottery Barn using a gift card that we received as a belated wedding gift. And when everything arrived I did the big switch-a-roo and viola, a bit more wintery:
The white duvet could be summery too, but the matelasse makes it much heavier, so I don't think we would use it in the summer. What can I say, I like a visual swap with the seasons.
How appropriate is the new bee pillow for our house? I love it. And I love the geometric pattern of the matelasse; it makes what's usually a feminine pattern a little less girly.
Having winter and summer bedding almost makes me look forward to summer. Well, I'd still take the coldest, harshest Maine winter over a DC summer any day, so maybe I'll just look forward to spring.
Only a few more weeks 'til we move the clocks forward, get outside more in the evening and lighten everything up around here for the next visual change of season.

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  1. Congratulations, great find. I love the bee pillow too. I can't wait till spring.

  2. That pillow is seriously awesome. I love bees and honey, but unfortunately my husband is allergic to bees so I don't think he'd appreciate me decorating with them!

  3. Ha, Jackie perhaps you should decorate your own "woman cave" with all bee decor to keep him away!

  4. That looks amazing. Thank you! it needs to get warm!
    And i awarded you on my blog. :)


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