Don't Flush

While we were working, vanity shopping and generally not paying attention to the space underneath us, our basement transformation continued. Today the plumber informed me that he was cutting all the drain lines in the house and requested that I not run any water down the drains, or, um, flush. Good thing I work alone. But by the time his 12+ hour day was finished our plumbing went from this:
to this:
With a temporary drain from the upstairs for the night. The pipes sticking off to the left are for the new washer/dryer closet, and the floor is totally gone where our new vanity will be/old coffin of a sink was. This will make up our new plumbing:

This is the old stuff sitting out in the driveway:
And this is what our old sink looks like now: 
It was a cast concrete sink, who knew!? Unfortunately it was way too heavy to move, so the guys had to break it to get it away from the wall. Bummer.

On the other side of the basement we got new stairs, which S's dad removed from the basement at their weekend house this winter. They're only about two years old and will be much easier to match to the floor color with stain, rather than having to sand down the old stairs with their layers and layers of paint.

One of the guys drove to S's parents' house, picked up the stairs, got back here after 6pm and then installed them before leaving for the night. Color us impressed.

This is the view from the corner of the den tonight. New stairs, ceiling gone, more demolition done, random electrical wires hanging everywhere. Everything should be ready for spray foam insulation tomorrow morning.
Unfortunately, the guys wrapped our freezer in a couple of layers of plastic so it's going to be really hard for S to grab a frozen meal for lunch in the morning. We might need to sneak down and get some provisions for the kitchen freezer this weekend. Until then it's leftovers and cereal for dinner.

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  1. Seems like an excuse to eat out to me :)

  2. Loving their "break neck" pace!


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