I'll Wash My Hands in That

Day two started with a request that we procure the vanity by first thing tomorrow morning. We went back and forth on the utility sink issue and decided that we didn't "$1700 need" a utility sink. We'll be adding a hot water spigot outside and can rinse anything that needs a really deep sink in our driveway and we do have an extra deep kitchen sink that's a perfectly reasonable spot to clean paint brushes. So we switched gears to search for 30-inch wide solid-wood vanities, looking at Lowes, Ikea and several online retailers. The other day I had bookmarked this Lowes vanity:
And a search last night came up with this possible Ikea contender:
The Lowes option with a square-basin sink would cost between $425 and $525. The Ikea cabinet with the sink shown, $279. Both significantly less than the $1700 utility sink/kitchen cabinet option. So we took off for Ikea after work today to check out the vanity and their kitchen cabinets - still hoping that we could make the utility sink in a kitchen cabinet option work.

No go on that idea - Ikea does not recommend that you install its kitchen cabinets in bathrooms, they're not made to withstand moisture. With that bit of info we moved on to the bathroom sink section and I kind of fell hard for the actual sink portion of the vanity - it's huge. And when S said he didn't mind the cabinet after all but nixing from the photo online, I was pretty sure we'd found our sink. But to make sure we headed over to Lowes, where I wanted to compare actual sinks. It was really no comparison; the useable portion of this guy was much less and it's two inches shallower:
Plus reviews said it didn't drain well, where the Ikea sink was sloped to allow for proper draining. The floor model of a similar style cabinet was really not impressive, definitely not worth a couple hundred more dollars, that we could put toward faucets or tiles instead. So we drove back to Ikea, headed straight to aisle 12, bin 51, loaded Freden on the cart and found an agent to order our hollviken sink.
Done! I think the sink will work out well. At least we really hope it does. Now we just need to find a single hole faucet that matches the style we're going for. And we need to order a glass shower door, asap.

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  1. That's a relief! You can definitely live without a utility sink but feel free to use ours if you ever do need one :)

  2. Anonymous4/20/2011

    We actually paired that ikea sink with a home depot vanity similar to the Lowe's one you have above! It fits perfect and feels custom! :)


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