Loving this Orchid

I'm loving how the orchid S brought home for me a few weeks ago looks with the chandelier over our dining room table.
The bright sun streaming in from the windows yesterday helps too, much better than today's gloomy rain. I hope you all have a little something beautiful to look at today too!

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  1. Sunshine just makes me happy. It's so wonderful and relaxing... as is that chandelier :)

  2. Have any tips on keeping them alive? I've had one since about October, and just recently 5 of the blooms shriveled up and died. There's now one lonely remaining bloom, and I'm wondering what I can do to facilitate the plant blooming again. Any thoughts?

  3. Orchids are my second favorite flower (behind poppies). Beautiful.

  4. Love orchids but I always kill them. :(

  5. I am the worst with plants, but I have found that orchids like the neglect ;) I water mine once a month and mist it occasionally. Mine thrive in the coastal environment and eventually ( a year later ) come back.
    Is that the chandelier from west elm? I've been coveting the silver one just like that for a while!


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