No Air, No Water

As Jamie said yesterday, our basement reno is moving at breakneck speed and yesterday was no exception. We love it. The guys were here before 7:30 AM, which is a half hour before we all agreed was a reasonable start time. They have a key to the basement door, so we really don't care when they start work in the morning, we're just super impressed that they show up so early.

Day three was to be spray foam insulation day. We decided on spray foam after doing a bit of research on its waterproofing qualities and when I saw that the installation company used an eco foam that wouldn't have any off-gassing, we were sold. To optimize the waterproofing our contractor decided to spray the foam first before framing, this way the wood from the framing wouldn't touch inherently moist concrete and the foam would get into all the pores of the concrete.

While the older Russian guy continued to work on plumbing (side story: our contractor is from Russia and his crew is made up of 2 Russians and 2 Spanish-speaking guys, only the contractor and the Russian foreman speak English. It's all very cool since my dad works in Ukraine and S's dad speaks fluent Russian - the foreman even complimented S's dad on his Russian the other day saying he sounds like he learned in Russia as opposed to a language school in California. Plus, Russians are known for their tile work and we are beyond exited for our new custom tile shower.) Anyway, while the older Russian guy continued to work on plumbing the two Spanish-speaking guys worked on scraping old paint off the basement walls in preparation for the spray foam. Apparently the foam's waterproofing qualities are best when there is no paint on the walls, especially loose paint.

Once the paint was scraped the super colorful insulation guys (colorful language, not foam...) hooked their huge construction trailer up to our 240v. circuit breaker for the dryer and got to work spraying all the walls. At the end of the day the basement looked like this:
Even though they were only contracted the spray the concrete walls up to the sill, the insulation guys sprayed all the way up onto the sill to get things air tight. As one of the insulation guys said to me as they were leaving, "yes ma'am, ain't no cold air getting in there" to which I replied, "y'all did great work." Yes, y'all's have fully crept into this northern girl's vocabulary.

They even got all around the concrete window ledges. As the older Russian guy said, "no water." Awesome.
And in one final note, you can see in this photo where our old coffin of a sink and washer and dryer used to be, the layout of the new bathroom. The beam over on the right that is covered with foam is the far edge of the shower, the center pipe that looks purple, here, will be the center of the vanity. The white thing sticking out of the ground on the left is for the toilet and against the wall to the left will be a linen closet with sliding doors. The pocket door entry will be close to centered with the vanity. It's pretty amazing how this is all coming together so well and with so little interruption to the day-to-day use of the plumbing upstairs.
You can't see it yet, but we're even going to be able to keep the floor drain from our old basement, just repositioned so it's in the new washer and dryer closet. It will definitely be a plus if we ever have a burst pipe, water heater, etc. down here. Which reminds me, we should probably ask if we can put our water heater in a tray.

Next up, framing the walls and deciding how big to make our pantry closet! We're loving this speed.

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