No Turning Back

What's that in your kitchen window? Why, that's our shiny new building permit, fresh from city hall!
Our contractor just stopped by to drop off this outrageously expensive piece of paper. Let's just say the price for a similar permit has more than doubled in two years and is more than double the cost for a permit for an entire house in Maine, or probably in 95% of the country since the city we live in is sooo not the real world. Despite the outrageous price I'm just feeling super grateful that I wasn't the one to spend my entire morning at city hall, 'cause that's never not a hassle. Happy to hire-out wins this round!

Permit in window + demo scheduled to begin bright and early Monday morning = there no turning back now.

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  1. That was quick! We did our basement in our old house in 2004. The county charged us a huge amount of money. Seems kind of over the top.

  2. Yeah for permits! So exciting!!!

  3. Oh, and wait until you get your new tax assessment - fun times!

  4. how exciting! hope everything goes well on Monday!


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