Pink Ikat Pillows

S had to work today so I had another weekend alone and since painting doors and trim is pretty unappealing after the dozens of hours I've spent with a paintbrush in my hand lately, I decided to sew a few pillow covers for the living room. I'm in love! They came out even better than I expected.

One for the Ikea poofs in the corner and a second for the chair.

I decided to go with a super simple pocket design instead of adding zippers. The technique uses a little more fabric, but it saves a whole lot of time. If you can sew four relatively straight seams, then you can make these pillows. I'll post a quick how-to tomorrow. I promise it's just as easy as using seam tape and way less of a cop-out ;)

It was fun to whip up a project totally unrelated to the sail bags that usually dominate my sewing time. I'm inspired, what's next?

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  1. I'm all about the pocket design! I can do zippers, but I'd rather save myself the time and just make a super simple overlap.

  2. I just love that fabric. I'm wondering if it is overkill to use other colors in our house if we used the yellow version in the nursery...hmmm...

  3. Erin- I didn't know you used this fabric too! We must be fabric.com junkies :)


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