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I added a few more pink spring-time accessories to our living and dining room this week and managed to take a few photos just before we started to empty our basement into upstairs. We'll definitely be blogging about keeping organized amidst the chaos of construction really soon. But onto the pink....

To our dining room I added a large vase filled with magnolia and peony stems that I bought at Pottery Barn and Pier One. The ones from Pottery Barn were marked waaay down from their original $45 per stem price tag. I think there's a flower or two missing, but I couldn't find where. I'm not really a faux flower fan, but I'm liking how these ones look. They're pretty convincing.
I had the vase in the living room next to the fireplace at first, but we like minimal stuff and the extra vase made the space look too cluttered. So we moved it to a corner in the dining room that's always felt a little empty and it seems to fill out the little area well.

In the living room I brought in a new ceramic bird that I piked up at Home Goods a few weeks ago and put him on the fireplace hearth. We swapped out the log holder we use in the winter for the fireplace candelabra from our house in Florida where we had a fireplace that we never used (we discovered that white carpets and soot from wood burning fires don't mix).

She looks like the momma bird to the salt and pepper shaker birds from Pier One that we have on the mantle next to a bud vase holding a few sprays of cherry blossoms.

I bought some white and pink ikat fabric and plan to sew a few pillow covers for the living room this weekend, but in the meantime I brought in the pink pillows from my office and stuck one on the chair and the other on the poofs stacked in the corner.
I also took a hot pink ribbon leftover from our wedding and tied it around the neck of the little cat, which used to sit on the floor near the piano at my grandparents' house. I remember loving the cat as a kid so it's nice to have a little something out in the open that reminds me of my grandparents, especially since we're not big fans of displaying lots of photos.
I'm on the hunt for a pink dishcloth or two, but after I sew up a few pillows this weekend I think we're done with our pink springtime accents. I say that now....

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