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It's been hot this week and while we're usually total scrooges with the a/c (and heat) I really would have liked to have cranked up the cool air these past few nights. But there's one little issue we didn't plan for - we've got 4 wide open ducts in the basement so we'd just be dumping our cool air down there and sucking in sawdust filled air in return. You know that one week at the end of July in Maine when sleeping is uncomfortable even with a fan? That's what it's felt like here. We've covered over the open ducts now and just thought we'd throw that little tip out there for anyone else thinking of tearing apart 1/3 of their home this summer. And if you don't know what  August in Maine feels like, I highly recommend trying it out this summer. It's amazing. Especially if you're from the South.

Oh and another tip on a completely unrelated note: waaaay over budget for your permits 'cause if you're expecting $400 and they're $1200 you'll be stuck wondering if you're going to have to go without a shower door just so you can actually get that second shower.

And moving on to progress. Days 6 and 7 involved more framing, more plumbing and the beginnings of pocket door kit installation. And this morning, on Day 8 the county inspector stopped by and gave our sewer plumbing a thumbs up. I think there's some concrete mixing and floor repairing going on down there right now.

Here are a few photos from last night. From the corner of the den where we not have framing on the left for the built-ins (not shown) and the hall closet.
In the corner of the den at the base of the stairs we have the pantry framed with the pocket door assembly in place.
This is from the same spot facing in the opposite direction, down the hall to what will be the bath on the right and bedroom on the left. The washer and dryer will be in a closet at the end of the hall.
The is just the opposite side of the hall. You can see the hall closet on the right and just past that the entry to the bedroom.
From where the washer and dryer will live, looking down the hall. The door to the bath will be just to the left of this photo and the door to the bedroom to the right.
And this is something pretty cool - they ran a chalk line across the ceiling and are shaving down joists that extend a touch more than others so that the ceiling is perfectly level. That kind of attention to detail is just my style.
Today after the sewer inspection is electrical and finishing up the pocket door assemblies. I walked through with the foreman this morning and figured out exactly where I want every light switch and outlet. I'm glad these guys are really paying attention to the stuff we obsess over. I'm not sure if they're this attentive to every one of their customers or just the ones who are so obviously into the whole process. We're really loving the attention - attention to detail, attention to us. Totally money well spent so far. All our fingers and toes are crossed that everything continues to go this well.

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