We're Used to DIY Speed

I have about two minutes to write right now, so I'll keep it short. Demolition started at 7:50 this morning, 10 minutes ahead of schedule and when we went downstairs after work all the walls and floors were bare. That was expected. What we didn't expect was to see this in the middle of our old utility room:
The guys were so efficient with the demo that they were able to break the concrete floor and dig down to all our plumbing, including the floor drain, which I think is stuffed with a black plastic bag right now.
It was just one guy down there digging from about 11 am on. I thought I heard sounds of breaking concrete, but it was pretty quiet all afternoon. I guess he wasn't napping down there since he managed to also dig the entire length of the shower drain too. When S got home all he could say was, "I'm so glad I didn't try to do that myself." 
Note the new plumbing plans sketched out on the walls
When we left for work this morning (and by left I mean I went to my office in the sun room) the old den looked like this, looking into the utility room.
When we got home I stood in the same spot and saw this:
The whole place looks a whole lot bigger without any walls. Open floor plan anyone?
We're on the fence between a railing with simple spindles for the stairs or a solid angled wall where the top of the wall is the railing. I guess I'll just have to start another pinterest board!

We're also absolutely desperate for vanity advice. We want a deep laundry sink in a 24-30" wide cabinet and would prefer solid wood cabinetry. Problem is, we priced out a basic option and it came out to $1700. We want to keep it under $500. I'll write a whole post about it tomorrow, but an entire evening of vanity/kitchen sink/cabinet/sink/countertop shopping was more overwhelming than encouraging. And we need the sink now, or at least the dimensions so the rest of the plumbing trench can be dug. Yikes.

So there it is, day one. It was so productive that our heads are spinning; we're just used to DIY speed!

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  1. Wow! That is progress! I have nothing of value to add for the vanity discussion. It's so frustrating when things are so darn expensive. Good luck!

  2. That is some serious progress! The open floor plan makes you think twice, doesn't it? Just think about leaving your dirty laundry on the floor and you'll rethink again quickly! Nothing really to add about the vanity but check Ikea. You never know.

  3. Wow! They were on the ball, weren't they? Impressive.


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