We've Got Plans

The title says it all. Here's the first draft of the basement floor plan:
For the most part this is what our new basement will look like. When you walk down the stairs, which will be refinished even though I just painted them, you'll be facing our new pantry. And by pantry I mean the place where all our food and 75% of our pots, pans and cooking appliances live. We want the pantry to be wider and deeper than what's shown above so that my sewing table can be placed on the wall to its right. My spice rack that's currently in the stairwell will be on the inside of the pantry door.

In the den the east and south walls in this sketch will be covered with built-ins with cabinets on the bottom and shelves on top. We need to figure out which TV will live in the den and where to put it soon so we can plan for it in the shelves. Personally, I think the bigger TV should go downstairs, but the 32" TV looks too small on our TV cabinet upstairs. Decisions, decisions. 

Under the stairwell near the base of the stairs we'll have some kind of storage space. I love stair drawers like these:
Via Apartment Therapy
But it's probably not going to happen. We'll probably end up with some sort of cubby door. However, directly across from our second storage closet in the sketch above, will be a cubby sized just right for our freezer. The freezer that houses dozens and dozens of homemade meals for nights when we don't feel like cooking. It's kind of a big deal.

The second storage closet I just mentioned will be our main storage area for anything we can't keep in our shed - off season clothes, stuff S refuses to give away despite having not used it in 10 years, craft supplies, etc.

At the end of the new little hallway will be a six-panel bi-fold door that opens to our stacked washer & dryer, with just enough room for the world's largest ironing board to squeeze in next to them. The entrances to our new bathroom and bedroom will both be pocket doors. The bath will have a fully tiled shower and a little linen closet. The bath will kind of look like this, except 100 times better:
The shower door will be one piece of glass without a metal frame. We've picked out a marble octagon tile for the bathroom floor that looks like this:
We're leaning toward white marble subway style tiles for the shower walls and would love to do the inverse of the floor tiles for the shower floor, but we haven't been able to find black octagon marble tiles with white dots. If you've seen them, let us know. We're also on the hunt for a quality, affordable utility sink that can double as the bathroom sink. We're open to suggestions there too, please!

Finally, we're creating a new bedroom in the space where we currently have rows and rows of Ikea Gorm shelving. Here's a visual:
The giant wall of sliding doors will be our access to our furnace and hot water heater. Unfortunately they need to be louvered to let air in. Oh well, at least the furnace is concealed. We're hoping that we'll be able to fit a queen sized bed in this room to use as a guest room, but we'll probably end up re-purposing our full-sized futon as a bed in here since it will be too big to use as a couch in the new den. The basement is nice and chilly in the summer, so I can see myself moving downstairs at night as soon a DC becomes the fiery pit of hell that is summer around here. Which brings me to the best news of all...this whole reno should be done by mid-to-late May. Which means that by the time my birthday rolls around on June 4, our house might be all back in order, tidy and clutter free. Which really, is the best birthday gift ever.

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  1. Anonymous4/13/2011

    Looks like a great plan! And what a quick time frame! I might reconsider the marble in the shower idea though. Be prepared for etching, staining, and discoloration on marble this regularly wet. You'll also need to be sealing all of the marble on the floor and shower every 6 months. Oh and you can't use standard cleaners on marble only pH neutral cleaners should be used (there aren't many of them) so if you have hard water or minerals in your water that can be a huge problem (neutral cleaners have a hard time removing those stains)! White subway tiles would fit the look you're going for, be cheaper, and be much lower maintenance.

  2. Looks great! You are so lucky you have a basement! We just don't have them in our part of Texas :(

  3. That is soooo exciting! The plans look great. You are going to love having all of that extra usable space - especially the guest room :)

  4. Hi I found this while looking at young house lovely. Funny how one site leads to another. The Home Depot marble is okay - but it just a chinese product and sometimes can be just completely white. I have attached a link to www.thebuidlerdepot.com it is the same price but Italian Carrara marble. Just a thought. Far better veining and clarity of the base white color. For example the 2" Hexagon Honed is $11.75SF delivered.

  5. Thanks for the tip, David. We are planning to use a local tile supplier as we have had horrible experiences with the Home Depot recently. Our local tile shop just doesn't have an online store to take clips of photos from - we're headed over there this weekend to check out our options and to address concerns that threeacres outlined, above. We're excited to have a two bath house!

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