Floors and Framing and Headroom

Things are really starting to take shape downstairs. I think the framing is nearly complete. They need to put in the assembly for one more pocket door and one HVAC duct needs to be framed out, but that's it.

On Thursday we passed the sewer inspection, which meant that by Thursday afternoon we had a new concrete floor in the bathroom where we've had a big hole for two weeks.
By tiny-old-house-in-the-city standards the bathroom is pretty spacious. On the right you can see just a bit of the white drain pipe sticking up for the tile shower, and the thing on the floor in the center-left is the hook-up for the toilet. The studs with the metal casings are where the pocket door actually pockets. And the white pipe on the left in the foreground is the floor drain, which will be outside of the bathroom in the laundry closet. My parents' second floor washing machine has flooded a few times when someone forgot to shut the water off after doing a wash. Something to do with frozen drain lines or some such cold-related thing. It's a mess. I have an aversion to messes. So even though we live in the South and freezing here is like a balmy winter day in the North, we're still counting on the floor drain to come to our rescue, even though, knock on wood, we're really hoping for no washing machine emergencies.

Moving on.

Thursday night HVAC subcontractors worked until 9pm moving duct work to ensure the code minimum 6'4" ceiling height throughout the basement. They're basically the same size ducts, just turned 90 degrees so they're running horizontal instead of vertical, if that makes any sense. All I know is that even with flooring and sheetrock on the ceiling, S will have plenty of headroom.
We also have all of our rough electrical - as much as is needed for an inspection Monday morning. Some of the more interesting outlets include this one under the stairs for our freezer, and outlets inside each of the closets. When we lived in Florida we had these bugs called silverfish that ate paper, glue and any kind of natural fiber clothing. Apparently they don't like light, so we had nightlights in our closets. We don't have silverfish here, but we stuck outlets in the closet anyway, just in case they suddenly migrate to Virginia. So the theme of today's post seems to be how to outfit your renovation based on somewhat irrational paranoia.
They also started to frame out the sides of the stairs. We were given several options of how to finish this area and went with the option to have sheetrock to the top of the edge of the stairs, a finished wood cap on top of the sheetrock and some wood trim under the cap, which I'm hoping makes much more sense when it's finished.
We'll have under-stair storage with an access door right where the washing machine sits in this photo, however, since we'll likely only access the area twice a year to swap out off-season clothes, we might stick S's desk that he's never used along this wall. I'm not totally sold on the idea, but the desk is huge and won't really fit anywhere else, so we stuck an outlet under the stairs, just in case. Meanwhile I'll continue to lobby for selling the desk to put toward his new laptop fund.

And finally, we're starting to see walls go up. Here, the closet at the base of the stairs got one of its walls, which looks like a perfect spot for a big mirror to me.
The view from the corner in the den at the end of day 10:
The guys also worked on Saturday, day 11, to get ready for the electrical inspection on Monday, so we have several more blue outlet and switch boxes and a bit more sheetrock than this photo shows. We have family coming into town this week so construction will stop for a few days, but our contractor told us that once they start up again next week, they'll only have 2-3 weeks left. By my calculation that means we'll be moving in by my birthday, which is perfect timing to ask for a new couch for the den. Maybe one with a lounge thingy. Or a tiny sectional. In gray. Dark gray.

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